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Dan's team won their 1st game of the playoffs, but they are now scheduling other games during the week to determine the champion. They originally planned to have all the games complete last night. Oh well, they advanced and the team was extremely happy. They were down most of the game, but had a key run late and iced it w/ a couple of free throws from Dan. They won by 4.

What do you think of All Star weekend so far? I enjoyed the dunk contest, I thought Andre should have won it, but oh well. It was an exciting contest. Can't wait for the All Star game later this evening. I hope they put the 4 Pistons in with Bron.

Question of the Day: If you could change anything about All Star Weekend, what it be?

In other news...Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
bosoxfan1, StatMan79 (27), Elias123 (18)

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 SPTO @ 02/19/06 10:15 AM
QOTD: I'd make it mandatory that the true big stars compete in the Dunk Contest, of course that will never happen.

Well Paul Tracy raced pretty well yesterday. He was doing quite well until he got into a scrape and things fell apart from there. The ending of the race was darn exciting. It's too bad that Dale Jr. didn't hang on to win. I think sticking with the same tires for the majority of the race doomed him.
# 2 bosoxfan1 @ 02/19/06 10:16 AM
Happy B-Day to me (18)... The slam dunk contest was great, that A.I. dunk was sick
# 3 Macar91 @ 02/19/06 10:35 AM
QOTD: I would also change the rules on who competes in the dunk contest. It's not as fun to watch with the guys they have doing it right now.

How many people are gonna watch the Daytona 500? I think Carl Edwards is gonna win it. I'm just gonna chill today and tomorrow and maybe play some NBA 2K6. I'm dominating with Emeka and the Bobcats right now. I think I'm 18-8 and on a 5 game win streak. Maybe it's time to raise the difficulty....
# 4 bjf1377 @ 02/19/06 10:46 AM
QOTD: I would add streetballers to the Dunk Contest to make the NBA guys work a little harder.

- I would like a day without drama. My aunt died during this past week and the funeral was yesterday. I wake up this morning and see a note on the table saying that my older sister was rushed to the hospital b/c of something with her kidneys. They didn't tell me where, and hospitals skeeve me out, so I gotta sit by the phone and wait for some news. I'm getting real tired of all of this crap.

EDIT: Ok, turns out she had some really bad kidney stones that effected her whole body, but she'll be fine
# 5 SoMiss2000 @ 02/19/06 11:42 AM
Nothing much going on here. It's still cold and drizzely. However, I did brave the cold and the ice to make it to church this morning. Funny thing, I had a brush with celebrity at church. My church is huge and my pastor is internationally known so we get "special guests" all the time. LL Cool J was there a couple Sundays ago (he's been there a couple times before). Anyways, today was Star Jones. Yes, that Star Jones. Well, she spoke briefly but she also was pimping her new book which were also on sale in the lobby. Well, I have an anniversary coming up on the 28th so I decided to pick up the book since Star Jones would be signing them in the lobby after service. She was nice. She lost the weight but I still never thought she was attractive. I was pleasantly surprised. She's a pretty lady, in person. Anyway, I got her to sign the book to wifey. She should be happy.

Anyways, as far as All-Star weekend. There needs to be an incentive (read cash) for the superstars to get involved in the Saturday Night stuff. I know it's ridiculous but what do pro athletes love? Money! Until, that happens, the 3-point contest and the Dunk Competition will remain an afterthought.
# 6 Vince @ 02/19/06 12:13 PM
It was -32 with windchill factor in MTL last night. Horrific weather and the city still doesn't do anything to salt the ground and streets to stop people from slipping and sliding.

Preety boring day sports wise. I think I'll go workout soon and get home late in time for the ASG.
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 02/19/06 01:49 PM
Nothing much happening at all.
# 8 Husker_OS @ 02/19/06 01:57 PM
Big day for me today. Pledgeship meeting at 5:30 at the house. Then a formal dinner at 7:00. Then after that me and my big brother(I'm hoping its Robert) hang out for a couple hours. Then tomorrow my 5-6 weeks of pledgeship begins. Wish me luck guys.
# 9 ehh @ 02/19/06 02:50 PM
Went out and got bombed for my boy's 24th last night. It was def a good time. Finally got rid of my hangover a few hours ago.

Went to the gym this morning, just won a tourney on Poker Stars. Been a good weekend so far, up $204.
# 10 dieselboy @ 02/19/06 04:57 PM
Back home in Seattle, big party tonight.
# 11 SportsAce @ 02/19/06 09:51 PM
Absolutly nothing happened all day. I watched the Daytona 500 all day which was worthless because my fav driver(J. Gordon) sucked.

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