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We have just posted our Arena Football review. Find out what Clay Shaver has to say about it.
"The word “arcade” is like Kryptonite to the “sim” or “straight-up” football gamer. For years, the sports gaming elite have looked down their noses at the over-the-top, Blitz-style games in this genre."

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# 1 KBomber @ 02/26/06 03:26 PM
Is anyone confused by what EA is trying to achieve with this offering? After playing it, I came away with the opinion that as an over the top experience, Blitz the League supercedes this title. On the sim side, there are obviously any number of titles that convey that experience more impressively.

In a lot of ways it looks like EA was trying to do their version of BTL, right down to many of the elements almost looking too much like Midway's game, while not really going far enough to really go for broke. It would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of those two games because some of the moments in AFL actually look like they were almost ripped straight from BTL, right down to the camera angles. Play both, you'll see what I mean

Arena Football is a fun game, but there is a general lack of personality in this title. It could have been much more, IMO

Have fun...................

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