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  • Fight Night Round 3 Review (Xbox - 4 1/2 stars)
    "In conclusion, Fight Night Round 3 still reigns supreme as the best boxing game around. The gameplay is far more balanced than the previous two games, and the graphics are excellent for current-gen and have more detail than their predecessors. All is far from perfect, however. The career mode still leaves much to be desired, and the soundtrack, while good, could've used a little more genre diversity."
  • Fight Night Round 3 Review (PS2 - 3 1/2 stars)
    "From the time players get online through EA Nation and endure a lengthy ordeal of registrations, and the pay-to-play approach (or be forced to endure advertising offers from ESPN) that hurts all of their sports games, PS2's Round 3 online game is a shadow of its console cousins, which is a shame considering that Fight Night 2004 on PS2 dominated the two versions in part thanks to online play."
  • MX vs. ATV Unleashed: On the Edge Trailer (PSP)

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