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  • ToCA Race Driver 3 (PC - 85/100)
    "Visually, we just can't help but feel that despite some new tweaks such as bumpmapping, the engine could do with some serious sparkle to back up the variety on offer. While everything looks perfectly accurate, the cars have a tendency to look dull and flat, instead of the shiny, reflective surfaces we expect. That said, the tracks are all modelled well, and if you're after a real visual treat, head for the UK rally stages with their spectacular winding tracks through gorgeously-modelled trees, narrow country lanes overlooked by the local wildlife and imposing grand manors."
  • Ford Street Racing 3 (Xbox - 4/10)
    "Sure, Ford Street Racing is a budget title, thus raising the 'you gets what you pays for' and 'budget titles don't have to be good, they're cheap', arguments. But think about this: if just 100 people bought this, that would be nearly 2,000 in Ford's vast corporate clown-trousers. Almost enough to put another boring Fiesta on the road. And do you really want that on your conscience?"

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