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Focused Totality, a blog from our own Mark Fossen (fossen), has posted his review of Full Auto.
"Full Auto could easily become a huge franchise with just a few tweaks here and there. Though the game shines in multiplayer (whether online or with buddies'n'beers on the couch), the single player needs a bit more beef: with no storyline or real sense of advancement, the tracks and challenges tend to blend together. There are also a few technical glitches, like framerate issues and some bugs with Custom Soundtracks that need ironing out before this can stand with the best the genre has to offer. The promise is there, however, and I think this is easily as good a first entry as the original Burnout: and that series turned out the best arcade racer of all time. I hope the team at Sega and Pseudo Interactive can do the same, because Full Auto has the kind of impact fun that's hard to build in later."

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