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GamePro has posted FIFA Street 2 reviews for the following consoles:
  • Xbox (2.5/5)
    "In terms of actual controls and mechanics, FIFA Street 2 doesn't differ all that much from its predecessor. Using the analog sticks, you can control your player and pull of special tricks moves that earn you points. On paper, the entire system of playing sounds absolutely delightful. But, once you fire up the game and simply try to move around, you'll realize that those thoughts of optimism are nothing but sweet nothings. Simply put, the game controls like crap."
  • Playstation 2 (2.5/5)
    "As much as I really dislike FIFA Street 2, the game isn't without its charms. The "Rule the Street" mode is ambitious and fairly deep, as is the character customization options. It's also neat to unlock real-life soccer stars to use in the game using you skill points. But, for all the positives, there are way too many negatives. Bad controls, horrible voice-over (it's just as cliche as it was last time), and the trademark and annoyingly pervasive EA Radio will tax not only your brain, but also your ears. Soccer may be a beautiful game, but it's about time to kick FIFA Street 2 to the gutter."

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