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Got-Next has posted their impressions of Mario Kart Arcade GP.
"Powerslides are much different in theory and practice from what fans may be used to. Tapping on the brake pedal while taking a tight turn will result in a hop and then a slide, but going through the trouble to pull that off doesn't seem to give you much of an advantage. Often simply keeping the gas down and letting off for a second when you need to turn more tightly worked just as well. Gamers who think that constant "snaking" has ruined the balance in Mario Kart DS online can take solace in the fact that there's no mini turbo-boost in Mario Kart Arcade GP. The constant side-to-side motion would be impossible to pull off on a steering wheel anyway. This game also features the most elastic rubberband AI of any Kart game, which is understandable given that it's an arcade multiplayer title. Drop too far behind and you'll find that you catch up in a jiffy most of the time, but so do opponents. I got the feeling it would take real effort to place further back than third."

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