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Do you have some questions for the Producers of 2006 FIFA World Cup? If so, post them here.

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# 1 truckie16 @ 03/02/06 08:45 PM
Are there going to be any club teams? If not, will it still be full price even though it's not really a complete game?

Will the AI be any better tham Road to the WC. Most of the time they just stood there and watched the ball go by unless I took control.
# 2 seanmac @ 03/03/06 12:51 AM
I think I can answer those for you- no and no.

I'd certainly like to know what changes are in store to justify putting out a new title with the same engine so close to the release of RTWC.
# 3 devilsjaw @ 03/03/06 04:59 AM
Will the cpu make substitutions?
# 4 forensicd @ 03/03/06 08:12 AM
Heres a big one: Why did you just make me spend 60 bucks a couple of months ago on the same game, but now has an extra tournament that we all thought was in the original game we bought? Really upsets me when I got all the way to the actual tourney to find out its not even there!

Seriously though, is the gameplay the exact same as road to the world cup, or have the changed it up at all? What features can we excpect to be different with this version than we saw with RTTWC.
# 5 blacklover @ 03/03/06 03:14 PM
How big will the call up/selection pools of players be for the teams in the game?

Will you be able to set up your own custom world cup group by group?
# 6 kongemeier @ 03/05/06 04:21 AM
Will the gameplay during games differ at all from FIFA 06 RTWC?
# 7 kennytomson @ 03/05/06 08:47 AM
- will gameplay sliders be included?
- will there be a career/manager mode that goes beyond the 06 world cup?
- will there be cpu tactical subs?
- explain in better detail the new ‘advanced shooting mechanics’ from the press release.
- have ball physics been updated at all?
- is there create a player, and can you call up/send down players ala ‘international selection’ (fifa 06)?
- will the game support ‘progressive scan’ on the ps2?
- how many commentator languages will be available for the north American version?
- are there any new camera angles in addition to the ones in fifa 06?
# 8 bears5122 @ 03/11/06 09:37 PM
How come you went away from the FIFA 1998 model of playing in a road to the world cup and world cup to 2 games? Many people still feel that 98 was the best game for mimicking the World Cup experience? Is it a financial decision to make the game worse or just made by people who don't know much about the World Cup?
# 9 forensicd @ 03/14/06 09:29 AM
Have they done anything to the penalty system? In RTTWC there were almost no penalties.

Is the animation of players without the ball running fixed? The on ball animation was great, but players without the ball looked really odd when running.

What graphical updates will we see, if any. The crowds were horrible before. The players looked to plasticy, and had a shine on them that made them look like plastic action figures.

Will there be better atmosphere in the game? Will it feel like a real world cup game?

The lob pass was hit or miss in the past version, it didnt seem like you had much control of where it went or how far it went. Will this be fixed.

Really, I want to know if this is the same game regurgitated with just the world cup mode. I want to know why I should plunk down another 60 dollars for a game I had just bought a few months ago. What are the major changes they have done, and is it worth buying if I have already played the last version.

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