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  • Burnout Revenge Preview (360)
    "The longer the relationship you have with another burner, the more intense it gets. After a certain amount of time, you'll become "arch rivals" and eventually the ultimate award of "nemesis" is bestowed on the both of you."
  • MLB 06: The Show Review (PS2 - 4 stars)
    "SCEA definitely hit MLB 06: The Show deep. It plays great, has all the online options you could hope for (though more lag than you'd like), gives us a few really cool new ways to play, and wraps it all up with slick presentation and admirable audio."
  • MLB 06: The Show Review (PSP - 4 stars)
    "MLB 06 is a victory on PlayStation 2, no doubt. And putting almost everything into this portable version is even more impressive. It's a shame the online stutters so horribly and we have to wrestle with the analog nub to get our pitches where we want them to go."
  • NBA Ballers: Phenom Preview (PS2, Xbox)
    "With the success of the first NBA Ballers, you know Midway has been itching to unleash a sequel. The extra waiting time had to be excruciating, but it's pretty obvious that the company made the most of things, and we'll all be rewarded with a truly evolved sequel shortly."

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