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Good morning, happy Monday to ya. How was your weekend? Mine was filled with organizing my computer room and getting my taxes ready to go. I'll probably be mailing them out this week sometime.

Late last night I ended up winning a pair of Wizards vs. Pistons tickets on Ebay. I'd say it's about time me and Dan went to a Wizards game and cheered for the away team again. Of course, it's even better when the visiting team is your favorite team. We can't wait until Saturday!

We are going to change up the way we do the news from now on. Instead of oodles of posts one after the other, we'll be combining all the news at certain times of the day and posting them all in one nice message. You'll see a "Morning Update", a possible "Afternoon Update" an "Evening Update" and a "Late Night Update" from HD. We are doing this to clean up the Main Page and get more focus on our own articles. Down the road we are planning on revamping the Main Site. Until then, look for a few little changes at OS while we prepare to make the change.

Question of the Day: Which magazines do you subscribe to?

In other news...Happy Birthday to the following OS'ers!
nyy284, bigmac076 (27), delgado25 (22), Yudddd (21)

Enough about me, what's up with you?

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# 1 SPTO @ 03/06/06 08:34 AM
Morning Steve!

I finally got some sleep last night after a weekend of insomnia. Hopefully I can keep a good sleeping schedule so I can watch all the WBC games that will be shown here in Canada.

I actually watched all of the Oscars for the first time in 5 yrs or so! It was pretty good and it was cool to discuss the show with other OSers even if it got highly political at the end.

I just finished a LONG post on Marvin Gaye on my blog. For the long time OSers you don't really need to read it (but please do) as you all know my thoughts on MPG. Even tho the entry says 7:28 I didn't finish it til about 8:40! I also have a post on Sunset Blvd. as well.

Raptors finally break out of their losing streak so things are all good in my world.
# 2 aukevin @ 03/06/06 09:39 AM
Back for another week at work :/ I had a pretty good weekend. I caught up on a few comic books I'd been holding off on, and my wife and I watched a few DVDs. We watched Pride and Prejudice (it was ok, I can sit through anything with Keira Knightley ), The Weatherman (funny parts, but mostly dull), and Yours Mine and Ours. I'm not usually a fan of kid type movies like that, but this one was really funny.

I finished up my taxes a while ago, but I owe a couple hundred, so I'm not sending them in until I have to. Steve, do you do them by hand? How come you don't file electronically?

I'm looking forward to getting to see the USA play in the World Baseball Classic this week on TV. The Classic seems to be going over much better than I expected. I just hope no one gets hurt.

QOTD: I get a free ESPN the Magazine with my Insider subscription. I gets lots of free magazines from trial offers like Sound and Vision and things of that type. The Business school here in Huntsville gave all grad students a couple years subscription to Business Week, so that comes all the time. The only magazine I pay for is Reader's Digest. My wife holds subscriptions to like 5 different scrapbooking magazines though :/
# 3 greenegt @ 03/06/06 09:40 AM
What's up, guys?

I've started the process of breaking-up with my gf of 7 months. We started out fine, but for the last month or so, she's been nitpicking every little thing I do, and I've grown tired of it. Next time she calls me, we're having the talk. I'm of two minds about this situation. On the one hand, I'm ready to start settling down, so it's a shame it won't work out. On the other hand...............

I'll be a free man, again!!

Looks like I'll have more time for GRAW and Oblivion.

# 4 Stu @ 03/06/06 10:34 AM
What's up?

Nothing much going on with me. Been playing 24: The game non stop for the last couple days. Other than that, life has been pretty dull, which is fine with me considering how crazy work has been for the last few months.

QOTD: Sports Illustrated and Men's Health. I also get ESPN the magazine with Insider but don't think I've ever read it.
# 5 shon @ 03/06/06 11:12 AM
I had an exciting weekend. I went down Friday to my house to rake the leaves so I could sell the house, and I was burning them throughout the day. I put some water on the fire at 6 pm and left for my parents house. About 1:00 am I was called and said that a storage shed behind my house had caught fire and was threatening my house. Luckily the fire dept got there in time and I just lost the shed but man what a weekend. Thought I was doing some good then bam.
# 6 nyisles16 @ 03/06/06 11:32 AM
weekends??? what are those?? hehe... well nothing new today, just got up actually a little bit ago & cleaned up my pad (it once again needed it).. didnt get home from work till about 2:30 am - had to stay for a late flight .. but this friday could spring be here? it's supposed to be 61 degrees!!! sweet..

as far as magazines i subscribe to - i did the free issues of The Sporting News & get ESPN magazine...
# 7 ehh @ 03/06/06 01:41 PM
This weekend was pretty relaxing for the 2nd straight weekend. Some online poker, watching hoops, hitting up the gym and playing some ball. Also alotta time in bed and watching some DVD's.

Though I did go to a bar on Friday I didn't get bombed, just drank a few Guinesses and Smithwicks in preparation for St. Patty's Day.

We have the grand opening for our new office tomorrow, I'm a little nervous,

A) that not alot of people will show up
B) that everything is set up and working correctly
C) that I get our new web page finished and up and running my tomorrow afternoon. I've been programming non stop the last several days, my eyes are falling outta my head.

It's also playoff time in the adult leagues, I'm in the finals in the league of my town (which is a 3-game series for the title) and Game 1 is tonight. Game 2 will be on Wednesday, then I have the opening round in League #2 after that at 9pm on Wed. Then Thursday I have the opening round game in Leage #3, which is the toughest league but we finished the regular season undefeated. Phew, at least I'm taking Friday off and spending the night in Manhattan or Queens visiting some people. Can't wait.

Hectic, hectic week.
# 8 mjb2124 @ 03/06/06 01:52 PM
Well, I got around to starting my taxes this weekend. In the past I've been able to hammer out my Federal, State and Local taxes in a few hours. I wasn't so lucky this year. I got the Local done, but that was it.

This past year I left a job with a 401K plan. Instead of transferring it to my current employer's 401K, I decided to convert it to an IRA and then to a Roth IRA (I'll pay taxes on the amount this year, but will never have to in the future regardless of how much money it gains in interest). Well, Turbo Tax kept giving me issues with what I was trying to do and I got frustrated and quit. I expect to pay about $3000 on my Roth IRA this year, but Turbo Tax kept stating that I had to also pay a $900 penalty every quarter in 2006 since the government hates for people to pay that much in taxes. Since this conversion is a one year thing, I shouldn't have to pay that in 2006 as I won't owe the government. So I called a financial guy I know today and he said that's not right. So, I'm going to have to look over all of this again sometime this week.

QOTD - Sports Illustrated is the only one I pay for. I also get Sporting News, ESPN, Redmond Magazine, Network World, Computer World, Cisco Packet Magazine and eWeek for free.
# 9 homer73 @ 03/06/06 03:13 PM
My boys birthdays are the 5th and the 8th(4 and 9yrs), so we had a party for the oldest saturday with a bunch of his friends at laser quest (I came in 5th overall in the one match I particpated in!) and another sunday for both boys with family. Saturday night got to go see my little sis's comedian boyfriend do his act at a nearby club, plenty of frosty beverages were consumed.

Sporting News and Rolling Stone only subs I have right now.
# 10 WFU2521 @ 03/06/06 04:28 PM
friday played some xbox live with my boy heelsman22 then saturday i played pick-up ball at the ymca for like 5 hours. just in time to get some pizza and watch the game UNC-Duke game at my house. sunday i had aau bball tryouts
# 11 dieselboy @ 03/06/06 04:44 PM
qotd: SI
# 12 NYJets @ 03/06/06 05:00 PM
Not much is up.

Don't have to go to school until 11:20 tomorrow. I'm hoping my EB or Gamestop gets CH by then so I can get it before school. Otherwise I'll pick that and hopefully GR up on Wednesday.

QOTD: I get ESPN the Magazine since I have Insider. It's pretty bad, but I occasionally look through it.

Used to get EGM, Gamepro, and Sporting News for free, but those ran out.
# 13 The GIGGAS @ 03/06/06 05:47 PM

This week sucks balls. Already.

Warn me if you don't want me to use balls. I probably deserve it anyway.

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