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Here are a few news items that just popped up. I guess we can lay to rest the PS3 delay rumors, huh? Or can we?

Playstation 3 Delay Official

Variety has posted an article entitled, Turning Sony around puts Stringer through the ringer. In the article, it mentions a delay for the PS3, just in time for the Christmas holidays.
"Sony's new PlayStation 3 was widely expected to be introduced this spring, but will be delayed as the company fine-tunes the chips that are crucial to the success of the console's Blu-ray function.

The PlayStation 3 --- which is being called "the poor man's Blue-ray" --- is vital to Sony's plans because it plays Blu-ray discs as well as videogames.

Sony will roll out the PS3 by year end, in time for the holidays. If PS3 "delivers what everyone thinks it will, the game is up," Stringer boasts."

FlatOut 2 Q&A

3D Gamers have posted a Q&A session with Business Development Director, Jussi Laakkonen, as they talk about FlatOut 2.
3D Gamers: "Since FlatOut heavily used physics, what kind of improvements and additions to the physics will FlatOut 2 feature?"
Jussi Laakkonen: "FlatOut's critically acclaimed physics engine is completely in-house developed. Physics continue to play a critical role in FlatOut 2, so it was easy decision to continue developing engine further. Thanks to a lot of smart optimizations the engine's performance has increased by 66% and average dynamic object counts for the tracks have gone from 3000 to over 5000."

Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis (360)

Take 2 Games have posted the official press release for Table Tennis.
"Our goal was to create a game that is perfectly addictive in its focused simplicity, a game that showcases the true possibilities of a next gen experience, not just in looks but in feel and pace," stated Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games. "We wanted to use the power of the new hardware and the resolution of new televisions to give the game an immediacy, an intensity and a sense of physicality and reality, resulting in a purer, more visceral experience that simply was not possible previously." Houser continued, "It is a distillation of game design philosophy, focusing on removing the traditional areas of compromise inherent in managing size and scope and concentrating the hardware's entire power on one activity, with the aim of doing that better than it's ever been done before."

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