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All your ping pong are belong to us!

Grand Theft... Ping Pong? (360)

CNN Money has posted an article entitled, Grand Theft... Ping Pong?
"There is, of course, one other possible hurdle "Table Tennis" faces. While other sports simulation video games - like football, baseball and auto racing - let you live vicarious dreams of doing things you likely can't do in real life, it's not real hard to find a Ping Pong table. It is, in fact, one of the very few "indoor" sports that has a video game patterned after it. (Poker's about the only other one that springs to mind.)"

No More Show Floor Space Left at E3 2006

According to GameIndustry, it looks like E3 2006 is booked up.
"More than 400 exhibitors will occupy 540,000 square feet of space at this year's E3 - an area equivalent to 4650 Olympic swimming pools."

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