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Our resident "Racing Guru" and Contributing Writer, Terry Crouch has posted his review of GT Legends. Is it the real deal? Make sure you give it a read.
"The premise behind GT Legends is fairly straightforward; take the excellent physics engine from GTR FIA Racing (GTR), and apply it to classic cars from the 1960's and 70's. From the Austin Mini Coopers to the Ford Falcons and the Porsche 911, the car selection is a collection of some of the greatest racing machines in historic GT competition. But the retro metamorphosis didn't end with the vehicles. The menus, the music, and the font selection in GTL positively radiate the feel of the era. Feel and nostalgia are great, but what about the game itself? I'll skip right to the part that everybody wants to know… it's fantastic. One of the best racing titles I've had the pleasure of experiencing, actually."

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# 1 TCrouch @ 03/07/06 04:04 PM
Athlon64 4000, 2GB of PC3200 RAM and a Radeon X800. You should be able to run decent detail, just probably no high res wheels/cockpit and whatnot. You're running comparable specs to a buddy of mine who had to turn that stuff off to get a good, solid framerate.

I use two wheels...a TSW Formula and the Logitech Driving Force Pro. Funny thing is, I was also able to use the XBox 360 controller just fine when I turned down the sensitivity. It felt like console controls, but was still controllable for the most part. It's so adjustable, you can use practically anything with it. I couldn't fathom using a gamepad with a racing game, but tried it anyway and it was surprisingly easy to adjust.

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