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I recommend you check out the OXM update. How cool is that going to be?

Rumble Roses XX Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde is on a Rumble Roses XX screenshot high, as they've posted quite a few more.
"Rumble Roses XX is back again with these new images, as always some very classy stuff."

Sega Announces New Golf Game in Development (PS3)

It looks like Sega is working on a new golf game to hit the Playstation 3, according to the fine chaps at Eurogamer.
"Sega has announced that a new golf game is currently in development for PlayStation 3 - and it's set to star Japan's most famous golfing family. For those who aren't familiar with the Japanese golfing scene, that'll be the Miyazato family - brothers and sister Kiyoshi, Yusaku and Ai. You'll be able to choose which one you play as and compete on famous courses from around the globe."

Fuel Screenshots (PC, Xbox)

Digital Entertainment News have posted some screenshots of Fuel, an upcoming racing title from DreamCatcher Games.

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde chimes in again with some more screenshots of Test Drive Unlimited, including a few from the cockpit.
"Atari just released these following 15 images of Test Drive Unlimited, presenting some new cars and paint jobs. Looks great, even though they still have to work some more with the in-car-view if they want to compete with PGR3."

Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine Update

Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine is working overtime today spitting out the following updates:
  • Xbox Live to host spectator sport spectaculars
    "Youíll be able to watch, analyse and pick up tips from the best Xbox Live players in the world, or check out future competition before you log on for a game. Microsoft also has plans to set up websites and areas on Xbox Live that will track stats, save the most popular games for you to watch or review, provide highlight packages and promote upcoming big games."
  • Gotham 4 will go even faster! Bizarre promises that the futureís faster for the Gotham series.
    "The next game in the tarmac-chewing Project Gotham Racing series will push the Xbox 360ís graphics even harder and move faster than a souped-up Ferrari Enzo, according to developer Bizarre Creations."
  • Interview: Accelerating into the future with PGR3 w/ Gareth Williams, Design Manager on the Gotham Team, and Ben Ward, Web Developer at Bizarre
    OXM: "Do you think that kind of spectator sport approach is the future for Xbox Live?"
    Ben Ward: "Itís another string to the bow. With that kind of thing you get spectators, you get players, you get superstars, everyone makes new friends, and the community really benefits. Thatís the kind of experience we want to create for Gotham fans."

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