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Wow, what a snoozer of a news morning, nothing going except for these 2 updates.

Win your Very Own OutRun 2 Arcade Machine

Pro-G is giving you a chance to win your very own OutRun 2 Arcade Machine.
"In what must be one of the most impressive prizes given away in the world of gaming PR, Sega Europe is giving away an OutRun 2 arcade machine; a prize that would make you the talk of the town. To be in with a chance of winning you must imagine what your face would look like if it were sticking out the window of a Ferrari moving at 200 mph, and then send a photo of that face to Sega."

FlatOut 2 Blog Update

Bugbear Entertainment Ltd. has posted an update to their FlatOut 2 Blog.
"So, crashes will be served today, then. Let's get into the details right away, regarding FO2's crash system. It's still mostly the same as with the first game, but expanded now. We still have separate crash models as "morph targets", and the engine calculates the force & direction of impact and deforms the default mesh towards the crash version accordingly on affected vertices only. Sounds technical, but it's simple and if you got confused, just google for "morph target" and you should get enlightened. Simple so far, but there's drawbacks. If the deformation is big and very localized, it can stretch the textures. This was mentioned at the forums by a worried reader, and while it's a side-effect that can't really be avoided, we take all steps we can to minimize it. I've been quietly pushing our coders every now and then to some day come up with a system that would work without crash models as a completely dynamic deformation system, but it's a lot easier said than done, and not possible without next-gen systems. Maybe I can persuade them one day.."

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