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I guess everyone is playing GRAW or College Hoops 2K6 for the 360, not much more news for the after lunch crew. I'm geeked about the lefty Logitech mouse though!

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

ControllerFreaks have posted some screenshots of Test Drive Unlimited.

Hands-on with the Samsung Q1 / Origami

Engadget had some hands on time with the upcoming Samsung Q1 / Origami and posted some impressions and images of the device in action. I'm slightly disappointed, to say the least.
"So we managed to get our hands on an Samsung Q1 / Origami device set to roll tomorrow here at CeBIT. Don't ask how, but it'll be awhile before we recover from the brutal caning we just received. From the five minutes we spent with it we can tell you, well, it’s an XP Tablet PC with a 7-inch display. Sorry, that’s about it, nothing earth-shattering here folks. In fact, for all the hype, it’s hard to find anything revolutionary or even evolutionary in the hardware specs or loaded software (perhaps that will come when the price is announced). Sure, Samsung did call it a prototype unit, but the final prototype prior to manufacture won't see much changed other than a "brighter TFT LCD" we were told."

Logitech Introduces Cordless Laser Mouse for the Other Hand (PC)

Logitech is introducing a new cordless laser mouse for the forgotten people... Yeah, that would be us lefties. It figures they'd send out the press release right after I bought one.
"Logitech, the world´s leading manufacturer of computer mice, today announced the end of discrimination against the left hand. Some of the smartest and most creative people in the world favor their left hand, but they have always had to adapt to a world dominated by the right hand. While many have adapted well and become great achievers in spite of this hardship — Leonardo Da Vinci, Aristotle, Mahatmah Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill and Mozart, for example — left-handers finally have a choice when it comes to a computer mouse. Sculpted to fit the left hand, the Logitech® MX™610 Left-Hand Laser Cordless Mouse provides the same advantages afforded to the right hand, with Logitech´s precision laser tracking system, advanced cordless technology, navigation controls, and e-mail and instant message notifications."

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