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I guess everyone woke up this morning and realized they played GRAW all night and forgot to update their sites until this morning. Quite a few updates around the web, make sure you take a peek.

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Just in case you missed the barage of Test Drive Unlimited screenshots yesterday, 360Monster, Game Informer and Boomtown have just saved the day for you.

Pro Evolution Soccer Management Out Soon (PS2)

Eurogamer has just posted some info on the soon to be released Pro Evolution Soccer Management, including a few screenshots.
"Konami has confirmed the release date for Pro Evolution Soccer Management - and the good news is it'll be here in just a few weeks. PESM will let you choose any club from six European leagues, taking responsibility for player selection, transfer deals, training schedules and the like. You can choose players from the database in Pro Evo 5, and create Dream Teams which can be used in both games."

Table Tennis Details and Screenshots (360)

Gameinfowire has chimed in with some details and screenshots from the upcoming Table Tennis title from Rockstar Games.
"Rockstar Games, the world-renowned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., is pleased to announce Table Tennis for Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Developed by Rockstar San Diego, the creative house behind the highly successful Midnight Club racing series, Table Tennis is expected to ship to North American retailers on May 22nd, 2006 for a MSRP of $39.99 and will hit European retail shelves on May 26th, 2006 for a price of €39.99 and £29.99 in the UK."

GameZone Update (PC, Xbox, PS2, PSP)

GameZone has posted the following updates:
  • Exclusive Fuel Developer Diary – Part 4 (PC, Xbox)
    "The big picture! What started as a blank slate has slowly become a tapestry of audio life. When I was first offered the opportunity to work with Firetoad on Fuel, I not only saw a world, but heard it in my head. It is my goal to present this world in such a way that players won’t specifically notice that a blue jay is calling from a nearby copse of trees, or that a dog is barking from the character’s house, or the sound of a Cessna flying overhead for a peek at the race. If my goal is achieved, there will be enough happening sonically that the player will simply accept this total picture as a temporary, new reality."
    The Hustle: Detroit Streets Interview with Debs Jones, Managing Director, Blade Interactive Studios (PS2, Xbox, PSP)
    GameZone: "Will environments play a role in the way a game is played? By that I mean, if you are starting out, will the tables be, perhaps, a little rougher to play on, the sides may not have the same firmness as tables in classier establishments later on? What about the crowds?"
    Debs Jones: "Boy, yeah. Each environment is different and in story mode the player will have a reason for being there. The opponents differ greatly. In the fight club, for instance the opponents are very aggressive – winning their respect means competing in an equally aggressive way. While they spectate your game, fights may well break out! All the tables are different. Again, the game overall has a very urban feel to it – don’t expect to find too many pristine tables here!!!!!"

Xpand Rally Gets Box Art, New Date (PC)

BonusStage has posted the box art for Xpand Rally, including a new release date.
"Xpand Rally features over 40 cars, 46 tracks, amazingly realistic graphics, arcade or simulation handling, and the ChromEd editor that allows for incredible recreations of actual courses and rally cars. What’s all the more mind-blowing is that the game will retail for a mere $20 US."

Rumble Roses Hands On Preview (360)

Digital Entertainmet news have posted their hands on preview (no pun intended) of Rumble Roses. They seem to enjoy the jiggle factor.
"There are blocks, attacks, grapples, reversals, all context sensitive to the relative position of the players in the ring, as well as which buttons are being pressed. For somebody that played the previous game, or many of Yukes other titles, the learning curve should be relatively smooth. Those of us with a lesser history of time with ringside titles will have to spend a few more hours before being ready to take on the world. Don’t look for 2 minute matches, as these are wars of attrition with damage dealt over time."

ControllerFreaks Screenshots (PS2, 360)

ControllerFreaks have posted screenshots from the following games:

FIFA Street 2 Movie Clip (Multi)

Game Informer has posted a movie clip from FIFA Street 2, which is on store shelves already, in case you didn't know.
"So if stadium soccer riots eventually end up in the streets, would that make a street soccer riot end up in a stadium? A very, very deep question that only the greatest minds in the world could answer."

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# 1 fossen @ 03/09/06 09:09 AM
My original guess on Table Tennis was that it was a prank.

But with a price and date set ... maybe it's for real.
# 2 23 @ 03/09/06 10:48 AM
It should've been a prank
# 3 WTF @ 03/09/06 11:03 AM
I still can't even imagine it being real. But stranger things have happened.

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