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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 03/10/06 08:52 AM
When I was younger, I played Legend of Zelda for 14 straight hours.
# 2 Shaver @ 03/10/06 08:54 AM
My brother and I ordered an NES system through the mail back before you could even find them in stores in the US. In fact, the instruction manual was Japanese.

The first night we had it, we played for 28 consecutive hours.

I've had some marathon sessions in college on games like Tecmo Bowl and NHL '92. But, nothing will ever top that first Nintendo session.
# 3 Steve_OS @ 03/10/06 09:48 AM
Yeah, back when Tecmo Bowl was out for the NES, we had tournaments and we played for a good solid 12 hours straight.

28 is unreal Clay, lol.
# 4 ndeezlo @ 03/10/06 11:39 AM
Originally Posted by The Constipated Hippo
When I was sick as a kid I played Tecmo Bowl for a solid 12-14 hours straight. For whatever reason I couldn't beat the damned Vikings.
that's because Fuad Reveiz (sp) was the best kicker ever.

I probably played like 10 plus hours, when I had my knee surgery and came home from the hospital and my parents had gotten my a genesis, with bill walsh college football. Oddly enough everytime i buy a system the first game I buy is college sports. Genesis BWCF, PS1 March Madness 98 i think, PS2 NCCA Football 2002.
# 5 aukevin @ 03/10/06 11:51 AM
That sidewalk art link is awesome! I would like to see something like that for myself.
# 6 CM Hooe @ 03/10/06 02:27 PM
QOTD: Only truly marathon gaming session I've had is with a couple of friends, playing the old PlayStation game Worms; musta gone for close to twenty hours just playing that one game. We were rather obsessed with that game for a while.
# 7 racerx @ 03/10/06 03:53 PM
Back in the early 90's was a football game for the computer called MSFL by David Holt. I had all of the teams from 1970-1989. Me and my friend had seasons we would play for 12 hours a day for most of the summer.

Boy I miss those days with little responsiblity.
# 8 dieselboy @ 03/10/06 05:15 PM
I've had some crazy sessions, but nothing like Clays. I would say 10-14 hr sessions in my younger days.
# 9 ifiok25 @ 03/10/06 05:41 PM
I played NCAA Football 2004 for 8 hours straight.
# 10 SPTO @ 03/10/06 05:46 PM
about 8-10 hrs.
# 11 Beantown @ 03/10/06 06:35 PM
I'm workin on this 8-straight hour achievement for GRAW right now...

probably 10 in Halo, though.

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