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Good morning. There isn't much news around the web, but the Top Spin 2 interview is a great read. It sounds like it's going to be worth the wait.

Nintendo DS Lite Impressions

Planet GameCube has posted some favorable impressions of the Nintendo DS Lite.
"Ergonomically, the DS Lite is very comfortable to hold and play, but large-handed gamers may start to cramp-up after lengthy play sessions. Compared to the GBA SP, the size of the DS Lite is about the same, but with a little bit more space behind the system (behind the touch screen) so your fingers are less likely to overlap. For games that primarily use the touch pad, you can easily hold the DS Lite with one hand, using your thumb and ring finger. It is surprisingly, very comfortable."

Top Spin 2 Interview (360)

Xbox Solution has posted an interview with Jean-François Capizzi, Producer of Top Spin 2. Lots of great information here, can't wait to lay the smackdown on a few of you guys fairly soon.
Xbox Solution: "How has the risk shots changed in Top Spin 2?"
Jean-François: "Risk shots have changed a lot from the first Top Spin. We now have four different risk shots. Of course, we kept the power risk shot and the drop shot we had in Top Spin. But we also added a diagonal shot and a risk lob shot. Thanks to this panel of shots, users will have a better control on the ball. But this is not just about having more risk shots in the game. They are also different in another way. They are no longer the kind of shots which guarantee a fast and sure victory. They now constitute a good way to overwhelm the opponent while letting him a chance to come back in the rally. The result is a bigger variety in rallies, and an increased realism of tennis game situations."

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