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# 1 bjf1377 @ 03/13/06 10:49 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
QOTD: Have you filled out your brackets yet? Who's your National Champion and Cinderalla team?
Champion = UConn
Cinderella = Winthrop (to the Sweet 16)
# 2 ndeezlo @ 03/13/06 12:06 PM
AOTD-UCONN over LSU, UW-Milwaukee
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 03/13/06 12:24 PM
QOTD - Nova and Bradley

Almost Tourny time!
# 4 ajaxab @ 03/13/06 12:42 PM
It's somewhat sad to see a reputable publication like Scientific American take such a low road in going after creationists. Even if the arguments SA is making in the piece make sense, their way of making them sure comes across as preaching to the choir. The only creationists they cite are Johnson, Paley, Demski and Behe. For a publication so concerned about proof and making sure creationists put evolutionary arguments in their proper context, I'm a bit surprised to see them failing to do the very thing they advocate the creationists do. Smacks a bit of hypocrisy and undermines what they seem to be trying to accomplish here.
# 5 racerx @ 03/13/06 04:42 PM
Villanova over Memphis
West Virgina is my Cinderella team as a 6th seed.
# 6 fishepa @ 03/13/06 04:49 PM
QOTD: UConn and UM Milwaukee
# 7 Macar91 @ 03/13/06 06:05 PM
Originally Posted by bjf1377
Champion = UConn
Cinderella = Winthrop (to the Sweet 16)

Same here. Though I've got Bradley beating Kansas as well.

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