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Just in case you haven't heard about the new memory transfer kit from Datel, that transfers files between the PC and 360, you might want to check it out. FIFA screens coming out the wazoo in this update as well.

Xbox 360 Files Transfer to PC: Datel's Memory Transfer Kit Hands On Impressions

LikSang has posted some hands on impressions of Datel's Memory Transfer Kit. This could be huge for the "Roster Guys".
"This adds a lot of freedom to your data management, not to forget it makes it a whole lot easier for users to share files with one another. This is where the community can exchange their records in order to unlock in one click the games' cars, ammo, lives, eneregy and whatnot. So far, some gamers even successfully extracted screenshots that they took using the Photo Mode in Project Gotham Racing. That's a new cool way for a trendy magazine editor to generate stills [wink]. Tricky software, the Xplorer360 is much more interesting than Datel's Xchange360, even some homebrew scripts and power saves would theoretically work using this interface!"

NBA Ballers: Phenom Preview (Xbox)

XboxCore has posted their preview of NBA Ballers: Phenom.
"Among the famous landmarks and open-ended gameplay roaming, players will also have a host of interactive mini-games to partake in. For instance, there’s the Barber Shop mini-game, where players will have to talk to as many people who need a haircut, to go to the barber to help out his business. After helping him out he’ll help you out by getting his son, Ben Wallace, to team up with you as your partner on the court. This is just one of the many different ways you can unlock the 100+ NBA stars in the game. Appearances from Clyde Drexler, Kobe Bryant, and Piston’s star Chauncey Billups are just a few of the many NBA names in Phenom."

FIFA World Cup 2006 Screenshots (360)

360Monster and Boomtown have posted oodles of FIFA World Cup 2006 screenshots.
"The FIFA World Cup will be the single most watched sporting event by a worldwide television audience, bringing together football fans from around the world," said Joe Nickolls, lead producer of the game. "Our game, 2006 FIFA World Cup celebrates this passion by capturing all of the national rivalries in-game, enabling fans to play their heroes and be a part of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany."

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