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Good morning. Rumble Roses gets some lovin' this morning. Is anyone picking up this game? I'm really looking forward to Top Spin 2.

Sensible Soccer First Impressions (PS2, Xbox, PC)

Eurogamer has posted their first impressions of Sensible Soccer.
"Crucially, the control system is one of the simplest, most intuitive around, yet the 360 degree system pulls it off without losing any depth in the process. Adopting a simple three-button, two-stick system, most of the work on the pitch is carried out with the left stick, in combination with two joypad face buttons (one for pass and another for shots/headers/sliding tackles/crosses). Throw in right trigger for sprinting and the right stick to manually bring out the keeper when required, and you've got Sensible's control set-up in a nutshell."

Rumble Roses XX Gameplay Video (360)

Xboxyde has slapped up some gameplay footage from Rumble Roses XX.
"Konami, as always very generous with the media of his female wrestling game, has released this long gameplay video of Rumble Roses XX. The match is commented by 2 japanese people, and I have no idea who they are..."

Rumble Roses XX Preview (360)

Gaming Horizon has posted their preview of Rumble Roses XX.
"Another new mode is called “queen’s match.” In this one-on-one battle the winner chooses a humiliation for the loser as well as what outfit the loser will wear while performing the embarrassing act. This is bound to be the source of much trash talk over Xbox Live. In addition to tag and queen’s matches the game also offers handicap, three and four-way royal, pure humiliation, and street fight matches. A lack of variety should not be a problem for XX."

Top Spin 2 Preview (360)

Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine has posted their preview of Top Spin 2, which includes a screenshot and movie clip.
"Even more significantly, you’ll also be able to cultivate a unique and flashy signature shot. Like Roddick, you might forehand to the corner, or backhand like Sharapova. In short, your created player can upgrade any normal shot type, turning it into something nearly unstoppable. Speaking of famous players, you’ll be able to compete against, play as, or team up with 24 real-life professionals. Federer, Hewitt, Henman, Williams, Sharapova and Mauresmo are just a few of the big names."

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