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# 1 racerx @ 03/16/06 08:36 AM

My blog below will tell all!!!!!
# 2 devilsjaw @ 03/16/06 08:38 AM

Baltimore Orioles, Philadelphia Eagles, Maryland Terrapins, Atlanta Thrashers
# 3 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/16/06 08:57 AM

NFL: Buffalo Bills
College Hoops: UNC & UNCW
College Football: UNC (UNCW doesn't have football)
MLB: Oakland A's
NBA: Charlotte Bobcats
NHL: Carolina Hurricanes (but not much of an NHL fan)
# 4 WTF @ 03/16/06 09:06 AM

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers
College b-ball: None
NFL: Bengals
MLB: Reds
NHL: Ummm....
College Football: mmmm....

As you can see, it's pretty much basketball, occasional baseball, and a little dash of football. Not a whole lot of news today, huh.
# 5 SPTO @ 03/16/06 09:21 AM
NFL: Buffalo Bills
MLB: Toronto Blue Jays
NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs (but that's more through osmosis then actual love)
NBA: Toronto Raptors, Utah Jazz
CFB: Notre Dame
CBB: Syracuse
# 6 Sully @ 03/16/06 09:28 AM
NFL - Philadelphia Eagles
NHL - Philadelphia Flyers
NBA - Philadelphia 76ers
MLB - Philadelphia Phillies
College - Delaware and Florida St.
# 7 TJdaSportsGuy @ 03/16/06 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by Sully
College - Delaware and Florida St.
Who's gonna take David Henderson's old job at Delaware, Sully? Any word?
# 8 Sully @ 03/16/06 09:43 AM
UConn assistant Tom Moore said Tuesday that he'd like to be considered for the job, as has former UD assistant Josh Oppenheimer, now an assistant at Kent State.

I expect a new coach to be named soon, and I'm hoping it's Moore. When Brey left for Notre Dame, it only took Edgar Johnson one week to name David Henderson as his replacement.
# 9 ndeezlo @ 03/16/06 09:43 AM
NFL-Detroit Lions although I am completely apathetic towards them at this point
NBA-Detroit Pistons
NFL-which ever team is playing the Red Wings in the playoffs
MLB-Detroit Tigers
NCAA Football-Notre Dame Fighting Irish
NCAA Basketball- Notre Dame Fighting Irish, although I rooted for MSU growing up because I didn't get to see any ND games.
# 10 aukevin @ 03/16/06 09:43 AM
College sports: Auburn Tigers
MLB: Atlanta Braves
Minor League Baseball: Huntsville Stars and the Braves affiliates

That's about as far as my sports teams go sadly, I don't really follow the NFL or the NBA to have favorite teams.
# 11 scuiuc @ 03/16/06 09:57 AM
MLB: White Sox
NBA: Bulls
NFL: Bears
NHL: Blackhawks
CFB: Illini (that hurts to type)
CBB: Illini (that doesn't hurt so much)
Minor Leagues: Portland Beavers (baseball), Portland Winterhawks (hockey)
# 12 ezekiel55 @ 03/16/06 10:11 AM
NFL- Da Bears
NBA- Da Bulls
MLB- Cubs (regretfully)
NHL- Blackhawks (best jerseys in all of sports)
College BBall- UNC & Illinois
College FBAll- FSU (don't know why just always loved them)
Club Soccer- FC Barca
# 13 nyisles16 @ 03/16/06 10:46 AM
woow - #32 today

my fav teams:

MLB - Mets

Pro Football - the Raaaaiders

Hockey - Islanders (hence my gamertag)

Pro Basketball - dont really have one

College teams -Mich. State

ps- that list of shock jocks though is odd.. i would put O & A & Hoo Hoo as the top two..
# 14 CM Hooe @ 03/16/06 11:29 AM

College sports: Virginia Cavaliers
NFL: Dallas Cowboys
NBA: San Antonio Spurs

I casually follow the Minnesota Twins in the MLB and the Detroit Red Wings in the NHL, but I'm not a full-fledged fan of either.
# 15 bjf1377 @ 03/16/06 05:54 PM
NFL - Cleveland Browns (and I like the Raiders & Chargers too)
MLB - Cleveland Indians (and I like the A's and Padres)
NBA - Cleveland Cavaliers
NHL - Columbus Bluejackets
NCAA - Ohio State, South Carolina, and Kent State

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