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Do you have any questions for the Producers of NFL Head Coach? If so, post them here.

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# 1 Shaver @ 03/24/06 09:05 PM
- Will 2006 Draft Eligible players be in the game?

- Will the real NFL Assistant Coaches be in the game or just Head Coaches?

- Will there be any actual Football gameplay or just real-time strat?

- Will the NCAA license be used at all?

- Any thoughts on an expansion for NCAA Coaches?

- Release Date?

- Will their be roster updates?

I'll think of more.
# 2 Steelerfan2k1 @ 03/25/06 07:13 AM
Will there be any integration whatsoever with Madden or NCAA?

Specifically - could we at least use players from NCAA in the draft in NFL Head Coach (like we do now with Madden) by being able to import draft classes from NCAA?

Will we be able to do things in NFL Head Coach that will affect our franchise in Madden?

And - one more - I know this isn't directly related - but - what ever happened to that detailed survey EASports put out a few year ago inquiring about consumer interest in a high school football game? This consumer was/is very interested.
# 3 gtm @ 03/25/06 10:29 AM
1. Will their be any sliders in this game.
2. Will the AI be built into the game so it actually reacts to the plays you call.
3. Would we be actually watching players on the field run the plays that we call.
4. Will we be able to make our own substitutions being specific to certain plays on certain downs.
# 4 bull @ 03/25/06 11:36 AM
1) Will we be able to print any reports on rosters, scouting reports etc?
2) How detailed will college scouting reports be?
3) Will there be real time draft analysis, aka Mel Kiper?
4) What types of camera angles will exist when coaching a game
5) How deep will the weekly game planning be?
6) Will the AI be strong with regards to drafting, free agents and trades?
7) Any multiplayer component, and will it support league play?
# 5 playball335 @ 03/26/06 10:51 AM
Will we be able to run franchises with custom teams?
# 6 Macar91 @ 03/26/06 05:49 PM
If this game is for XBOX, will it be backwards compatable with the XBOX 360?
# 7 Nza @ 03/26/06 08:38 PM
I'll post what I did in the other thread:

- How will the game improve on the GM aspects of an NFL franchise, such as player contracts, salary cap management, player agent interactions etc?

- Has CPU team management AI been improved? For instance, in Madden 06, CPU teams often draft and sign players in positions they clearly need no help in.

- Has the simulated stat engine been tweaked for more realistic end season stats? In Madden, without coach slider changes there are way too many 2000+y rushers.

- How has the offseason changed/improved?

- Will you have a practice squad roster?

- When it comes to gameplay, how does the game improve over Madden 06 coach mode? For instance, in coach mode in 06, QB AI for Human and CPU teams is very sketchy.

- Will there be an ESPN license?
# 8 poopoop @ 03/26/06 10:21 PM
-Why is this a seperate game instead of a part of Madden's franchise mode?
# 9 The GIGGAS @ 03/26/06 10:29 PM
Originally Posted by Macar91
If this game is for XBOX, will it be backwards compatable with the XBOX 360?
Will this game appear on Xbox 360 (backwards compatibility or a 360 game?)
# 10 CM Hooe @ 03/26/06 10:38 PM
Will the game have any interactivity with Madden NFL 07? For example, (this might defeat the purpose of the game, but...) could you set up your detailed coach settings in Head Coach, spawn your season games to save files, then fire up Madden 07 and play them, then import the results to your Head Coach save?

I ask because I'm not sure how much fun I could have in a football title where I can't directly control the players on the field, regardless how deep the off-the-field components are.
# 11 Nza @ 03/28/06 08:31 PM
Here's a few I thought of whilst posting in the cover boy announcement thread:

- Will the coach mode be similiar to Madden's where you still have some control (Pre-snap playermaker, audibles etc), or will it be a true coach mode where your CPU AI players do all that stuff themselves?

- Somewhat related - will NFL Head Coach exploit the new rule allowing one defensive player on a team to wear radio equipment in their helmet? I.e., you can only call audibles/pre snap adjustments with that one player?

- Will there be player discipline measures?

- Will there be any new player attributes, such as leadership etc?

- In Madden, QB AWR influenced the passing cone. Will there be any relation to a player understanding your playbook/system and his AWR?

- Will there be any player attribute - gameplan/playbook relations in general?

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