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  • Rockstar Lays Its Balls on the Table
    "s unlikely a departure as it is for the normally controversy-friendly Rockstar, our recent visit to the developer's London office to check out its upcoming Table Tennis left a pleasant tingling sensation in our collective crotches."
  • Sega Says "Let's Make A Soccer Team"
    "No prizes for guessing that Let's Make a Soccer Team allows players to create their own football club from scratch and pit it against real-life football teams and players, managing every element of its progress in the process."
  • New MotoGP '06 Pops A Wheelie
    "The Xbox 360 iteration is currently being lovingly tuned by the chaps at Climax, who plan to stick more bikes, racers and tracks in the game than you can shake a big, twin-exhaust stick at."

GameSpy Update (PS2, Xbox, 360, PSP)

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IGN Update (360, Sports)

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Pro-G Update (PS2)

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FIFA 2006 Interview

RewiredMind has posted an interview with Joe Nickolls, Producer of FIFA 2006.
"Gamers can now employ new moves to improve their chances of scoring or saving the shot. New distracting techniques for the keeper, including waving arms and moving along the goal line, make this really authentic. Even the shooting player can attempt to chip his shot to fool the goalkeeper."

Table Tennis Preview (360)

1up has posted their preview of Table Tennis.
"In practice, the game feels a lot like some of the traditional tennis titles on the market. The basic mechanics of holding down a button to slow down time and charge up your shot, hitting a shoulder button to perform a "focus" shot, and having character specific statistics will feel entirely familiar to fans of Virtua Tennis and Top Spin."

Let's Make a Soccer Team! Screenshots (PS2)

ToTheGame has posted some screenshots of Let's Make a Soccer Team!.
"Let's Make a Soccer Team! allows you to create your own football club from scratch and control every element of its progress against real-life teams and players."

Worthplaying Update (PS2, PSP, PC)

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  • Earache Extreme Metal Racing Screenshots (PS2, PSP, PC)
    "Teenage Goth-Metal girl designs extreme metal racing video game based in Hell…. Earache Extreme Metal Racing will feature ten evil Earache racing teams burning a lot more than rubber through hell and other wastelands."
  • Let's Make A Soccer Team! Screenshots (PS2)
    "The game offers a unique football management experience allowing you to create, build and control every aspect of your own football club in the real football world!"

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# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 03/29/06 06:25 AM
check out its upcoming Table Tennis left a pleasant tingling sensation in our collective crotches
That's a quote that may haunt me for a long, long time.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 03/29/06 07:38 AM

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