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Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine Update

Xbox 360 - The Official Magazine has posted the following:
  • Table Tennis Preview
    "The A/B/X/Y buttons each correspond to a different spin that can be applied to the ball whilst in play; with Y and A adding back spin and top spin, X and B delivering left spin and right spin. You can charge up these different spins by holding down the corresponding button prior to striking the ball. Pre-shot the left analog stick is used negotiate your player around the table, but once you connect this control momentarily switches, allowing you to then direct the shot in a preferred direction using the same analog stick. A combination of the correct spin and shot placement is key for either smashing a return past a prone opponent or sending them the wrong way with a deft touch."
  • JOYTECH Nitro Racing Wheel spins onto Xbox 360
    "The wheel has been designed from the bottom up with every feature you could possibly want. For a start itís packing Dual Bearing Management System technology which means it works in the same way as a real steering wheel, offering you precise and responsive steering whether youíre powersliding around a corner in Gotham or shooting up the opposition in Full Auto. Force feedback will also communicate the feel of the road or give you a sharp shock when you drive head-on into a barrier."

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde has posted some Test Drive Unlimited screenshots.
"Atari released these 12 new images of Test Drive Unlimited, showing some new backgrounds, cars and characters of this very intriguing racing game."

2K Sports Update (Multi)

2K Sports has posted the following:
  • NBA Jam Session All Star Game Presented By 2K Sports
    "Jam Session - Your ticket to NBA All-Star action - with over 350,000 square feet of interactive basketball activities, meet NBA & WNBA All-Star players & legends and collect their autographs, shoot 3-pointers, slam dunk, drive to the basket and score on 10 different basketball courts, watch your kids slam dunk at the Kids Zone, "Measure Up" your hand and shoe sizes to your favorite NBA and WNBA players and much, much more."
  • Top Spin 2 Screenshots (Multi)
    "Everything you loved about Top Spin is back and better than ever! Characters are even more stunning with the addition of high-definitional technology and the inclusion of the top players in the world like Maria Sharapova, Venus Williams, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt and Roger Federer. Put it all online and you have the greatest tennis game ever created!"
  • NBA 2K6 All Star Online Tournament Final Event
    "The NBA 2K6 All-Star Tournament Finals featured the top two Xbox 360 and top two Xbox winners of the NBA 2K6 All-Star Tournament Online Playoff period."

Table Tennis Preview (360)

C&VG has posted their preview of Table Tennis.
"Playing as one of eleven international characters including Mark from England, Liu Ping from China and Luc from France, Table Tennis offers nineteen unique venues across the world - with Liberty Northside Prep in the US, National Table Tennis Auditorium in China and Saint Nazaire Coliseum in France being some of those on offer. Each venue sports a fully-realised crowd who'll chant your name, jump around and generally egg you on as required. Finally, Rockstar is promising real-world sponsors including Adidas, Butterfly, Killerspin and Paddle Palace."

Question of the Day

Do you bring your lunch to work with you or do you "Fast Food" everyday?

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Member Comments
# 1 Shaver @ 03/29/06 08:55 AM
QOD: I was usually really bad about eating out everyday. We have Applebee's, Chili's, Olive Garden, and a couple little Coney places in tight rotation. However... the last few months, in a combination of trying to eat better and save money for my family vacation to Disney (in 3 and a half weeks), I've been baggin' it. Takes getting use to, but it's better for you...and the wallet.
# 2 ndeezlo @ 03/29/06 10:27 AM
i work at a Jimmy Johns two days a week, so I have that and I usually get fast food for lunch at my other job. Grilled chicken for dinner though... yes i'm fat.
# 3 scuiuc @ 03/29/06 11:15 AM
QOTD: Usually bag it, as long as there are leftovers in the house. Can't do a PB&J anymore....

With that being said, I've just eaten out for 5 days straight while being in Arizona watching the ChiSox in spring training. Time to get back to bag lunches...
# 4 aukevin @ 03/29/06 11:38 AM
QOTD: I bring my lunch to work 3 days of the week. On Wednesday and Fridays the cafeteria at work serves chicken wings and pork sandwiches, I buy lunch those days.
# 5 mjb2124 @ 03/29/06 11:46 AM
QOTD - I bring my lunch everyday. It's much healthier. Plus, I don't like fast food all that much (unless it's Subway or Quizno's - which I don't consider fast food).

The last place I worked I went out for lunch 5 days a week for the last 2 months I worked there. Way too unhealthy..
# 6 aukevin @ 03/29/06 11:54 AM
LOL at Steve's funny bumper stickers link. My favorites where:

On Science:
There are 10 types of people in the world. Those who understand binary, and those who don't.

On Computers:

The box said Windows 2000 or better. So I installed Linux.

On Driving:

Watch out for the idiot behind me.
# 7 ExtremeGamer @ 03/29/06 12:19 PM
I bag a lot, but have a really nice cafeteria in my office building. There's a pizza hut type place, some nice dining food, chicken fingers, burgers, salad bar, and an actual Quizno's. So it's hard to pass it up since the prices are pretty cheap.
# 8 forensicd @ 03/29/06 01:59 PM
I have been eating lean cuisine pretty much everyday for the last few months (if anyone wants, try their paninis, they are amazing!) Since I have quit fast fooding it and stoppped drinking soda, im down about 30 lbs over 2 months. Taco bell and mcds are the devil i tell ya...
# 9 slickdtc @ 03/29/06 02:21 PM
QOTD: I'm still a student, and they won't let us off school grounds to get any fast food or whatnot. So I usually just buy whatever crap they are serving, they we have a pretty nic deli / sandwich line. Usually get pepper ham, hot peppers, onions, shredded cheese, and basil with some sort of side (preferrably macaroni salad). My breath Keeps me going the rest of day.
# 10 dieselboy @ 03/29/06 02:24 PM
QOTD: When I was working, it was usually 50/50 on fastfood versus packing something.
# 11 racerx @ 03/29/06 08:37 PM
I have a road job so I usually eat out for lunch everyday.

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