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FlatOut 2 Preview (PC, PS2, Xbox)

FiringSquad has posted their preview of FlatOut 2.
"The single player game has gotten a bit of a revamp for the sequel. The original simply had you driving through races against unnamed opponents, but for FlatOut 2 BugBear has actually created a number of different characters that will have their own driving styles. Having the single player game focus on trying to beat different characters, from tough babes to cowboy hat wearing guys certainly gives it a lot more variety. There will also be different types of cars to drive this time instead of a fleet of similar looking racers. Demolition derby cars along with street and racing cars will be a part of the mix this time for FlatOut 2 along with some secret rides that we won't mention here. Overall the game will have 34 vehicles compared to just 16 in the original."

Stoked Rider Featuring Tommy Brunner Gold (PC)

The official Stoked Rider Featuring Tommy Brunner website has announced their game has gone gold. They also have a demo, if you'd like to try it out.

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Xboxyde, 360Monster, Voodoo Extreme and Gaming Horizon have both posted some screenshots of Test Drive Unlimited.

Dreamcatcher Unveils Fuel Character Biographies (PC)

GameZone has the scoop.
"Fuel is not your typical turn around the track. Slated to release at the start of May, players will have the opportunity to go off road, use an ATV or personal watercraft and hustle their way to the finish line at top speeds. There are 10 characters to choose from, courses from around the globe and the choice of more than 35 vehicles."

Street Riders Fact Sheet and Screenshots (PSP)

Gameinfowire has the scoop.
"Drive and shoot at the same time - A unique and intense racing and shooting gameplay where you can win the battles either by using your driving skills, by shooting your opponents or both simultaneously."

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 06 Screenshots (360)

Gameinfowire has posted some screenshots of MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology 06.
"Adrenaline-fuelled MotoGP Ultimate Racing Technology franchise will have next-gen audiences racing by the seat of their pants on the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. Combining fast-paced, knee-scraping racing action with the very latest technology, the next installment of MotoGP URT looks set to bring motor sport to an unprecedented level of realism and intensity."

Xboxyde Update (Xbox, 360)

Xboxyde has posted the following:

Question of the Day

How pissed off are you with the latest additions to the Xbox 360 backwards compatibiliy list?

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Member Comments
# 1 Sully @ 03/30/06 09:38 AM
I'm not pissed at all. I would have loved to see more, but Winning Eleven 9 is on the list. That's all that matters to me.
# 2 dieselboy @ 03/30/06 09:53 AM
Probably more upset if I had a 360...
# 3 Macar91 @ 03/30/06 09:57 AM
I'm really hoping they put MVP Baseball on there soon so I don't have to drop $60.00 on MLB 2K6.
# 4 rebelfan10 @ 03/30/06 10:21 AM
I really was looking forward to being able to play NCAA 2006 and MVP NCAA Baseball on my 360.
# 5 zasbury25 @ 03/30/06 10:29 AM
I'm not upset at all...I bought a 360 to play 360 games. It would have been nice to see that MS was making more progress with BC, but it's not a big deal for me. I honestly haven't had the urge to play a Xbox game since getting the 360.
# 6 nyisles16 @ 03/30/06 10:58 AM
the only reason i have kept my old xbox around is for MVP, Toca 3, NFL 2k5, & WE9.. one down, three to go really the only two games left to go BC for me is Toca & 2k5.. slowly but surely they are getting things done, not a problem by me..
# 7 ehh @ 03/30/06 12:47 PM
I never bought a 360 so it doesn't piss me off at all.
# 8 forensicd @ 03/30/06 01:41 PM
All i cared for was w119, and now its there. Once they make TOCA3 compatible, my xbox is gone.

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