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We have just posted our TOCA Race Driver 3 review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"Everyone has had that band or movie or maybe even a television show that they loved, but could never find anyone to talk about it with. Your buddies hadn’t seen it. Half of them have never heard of it. And, try as you might to convince them, people seemed reluctant to give it a try. Call it a cult classic. An underground act, maybe. But you were in on the ground floor. You believed when no one else did.

Inevitably what happens? People discover it. A little publicity begins to circulate. Hype starts to generate. Then, before you know it, your Grandpa is talking to you about his favorite scene in “Clerks” or you watch Green Day sweeping the Grammy Awards when you still remember seeing them in a tiny club and buying a cassette of “Kerplunk” out of a cardboard box afterwards.

In the sports gaming world, we’ve seen a similar path carved out by different titles. The Winning Eleven series from Konami is one example of a cult classic, a critic’s darling that appears to have finally made the leap to mainstream success. Who’s ready to make that leap next?"

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