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2006 FIFA World Cup Germany Screenshots (Xbox)

GameInfoWire has posted some screenshots of 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany.
"With enhanced player animations, EA SPORTS has emulated close to 100 of the world's superstars, capturing their playing styles and individual likenesses. In addition to enabling gamers to participate in the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany by taking control of one of 127 national teams, the game features new compelling modes of play, including the groundbreaking Global Challenge that will test even the most hardcore football fan by recreating classic moments in FIFA World Cup history. Furthermore, the game supports up to eight-way multiplayer matches and boasts a plethora of in-game unlockable content such as legendary players and exclusive apparel."

Yahoo! Games Update (PS2, 360)

Yahoo! Games have posted the following:
  • OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast Hands On Preview
    "The single-player game in OutRun 2006 also includes numerous other modes, including Outrun mode, which is similar to the old arcade game--you simply run the branching paths of the Outrun courses with your girlfriend in tow, speeding your way from checkpoint to checkpoint. There's also a stand-alone heart attack mode similar to that described above, and a time attack challenge where you race against ghost cars in order to set the track record. Fans of the arcade version of OutRun2 SP will be happy to note the full version of the coin-op game is available in OutRun 2006, and you can even choose to run heart attack or time attack races on either OutRun2 or OutRun2 SP courses."
  • Test Drive Unlimited Preview
    "Racing around the island of O'ahu is fun in its own right, but Test Drive Unlimited also takes things beyond the basics. In addition to the pick up races with other players, you will also be able to compete in time trials, full eight-player races, and other custom challenges. Initially players can only choose from available offerings, but once you have progressed far enough into the game, you earn the ability to create your own challenge."

Question of the Day

Do you like fun or realism in your games?

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 04/13/06 07:38 AM
QOTD - I like a mix, but lean more towards fun.
# 2 aukevin @ 04/13/06 08:29 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - I like a mix, but lean more towards fun.
I agree with EG on the QOTD
# 3 forensicd @ 04/13/06 09:15 AM
I dont think there is such thing as realism without fun, nor do i think we are even close to a game that plays "real", the closest thing i can think of is Grand Prix Legends on the pc some years ago. I lean towards realism though anyday over arcade fun.
# 4 cbgatorade0202 @ 04/13/06 09:15 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - I like a mix, but lean more towards fun.

Thatz how i feel also, I like Sim and everything and thatz how i play my sport games , Sim as possible. But i like for the game to made with it Easy to have a good time and Figure out how to do everything, Not into the Complicated button Stuff a lot of games have went into lately.
# 5 fossen @ 04/13/06 10:05 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Question of the Day

Do you like fun or realism in your games?
I lean towards fun. These are games.
# 6 ndeezlo @ 04/13/06 10:32 AM
i'm not playing a game no matter how real it is, if the game isn't fun.
# 7 slickdtc @ 04/13/06 02:06 PM
QOTD: I get enjoyment (fun) out of realism. So I guess they go hand-in-hand for me. I know that I might only get 3 hits in one game, but then get 17 the next. The unpredictability and variability is where I think some games lack and is where I get a lot of enjoyment.

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