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Moto GP 2006: One Lap Video (360)

Xboxyde has posted a movie clip from Moto GP 2006.
"THQ was kind enough to send me a preview version of Moto GP 2006 on Xbox 360, so I HAD to make some videos. The trouble is that this version, as most previews, has some framerate problems and these videos would have really made a rather bad impression of the game. The Saschenring track, despite being one of the nicest looking of the season, is also one of the smoothest of this version so I managed to make this rather watchable video. Be aware that there are some graphical glitches: Transparent ads and pit line, and some overblooming at the end of the track. Nothing major but this will of course be fixed in the final game."

Burning Tires 3D races onto Mobile

Pocket Gamer has the scoop.
"Gamers will enjoy detailed tracks, with smoothly running 3D graphics, big jumps with great air time and opponents who adapt their driving characteristics to the individual player's skills, to make you sweat the whole race," promised Fishlabs' boss Michael Schade, as he hung a left around a lava plume."

Question of the Day

Which game(s) are you looking forward to the most?

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# 1 forensicd @ 04/24/06 08:38 AM
im looking forward to ncaa on the 360, and madden to an extent. I want to see if last years game was a rush job, and they actually have something good for us this year.

What i most want to see, but not sure when/if it will come out, is winning eleven on the 360.
# 2 ndeezlo @ 04/24/06 09:12 AM
NCAA, Madden, NFL Head Coach and the PS3.
# 3 aukevin @ 04/24/06 09:22 AM
I think NCAA Football 07 is about the only game I'm waiting on right now.
# 4 MachoMyers @ 04/24/06 09:35 AM
NCAA 07 definately. I just don't know if I am gonna shell out for a 360 yet or just go with first gen XBox.

Head Coach may be worth a look also.
# 5 Hoos @ 04/24/06 09:51 AM
Madden 07, NCAA Football 07 and Test Drive Unlimited for me !!!
# 6 racerx @ 04/24/06 09:53 AM
NCAA 07 is the only game I am pumped for right now......
# 7 LHT69 @ 04/24/06 12:50 PM
QOTD: NCAA 07 , Madden 07
# 8 slickdtc @ 04/24/06 02:59 PM
QOTD: Madden 2007, NHL 2k7, NHL 2007, Halo 3 (?), any news on PS3 and XBOX 360 updates
# 9 ehh @ 04/24/06 03:08 PM
QotD: Nothing. I guess NCAA '07 but I'm not expecting much on the Xbox console.

There's a good chance The Show will keep me busy until October, no videogame has ever done that.
# 10 OSUG1 @ 04/24/06 05:29 PM

NCAA Football 07 is really the only game I am looking forward to
# 11 stalsy2310 @ 04/24/06 08:15 PM
QOTD: Madden 2007

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