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We have just posted our Rumble Roses XX review. Find out what Chris Sullivan had to say about it.
"My experience with console wrestling games only stretches back to the Nintendo 64. I spent countless nights with my buddies winning belts with the "Canadian Crippler" Chris Benoit, in WCW/NWO Revenge. Not long after, I found myself obsessed with WWF No Mercy, also on the Nintendo 64, a game widely considered as the best to ever grace a console. These two titles had it all: great graphics, a terrific wrestling engine and most importantly, an identity in the form of a faction license.

Any gaming company would be taking a huge risk releasing a game that falls under the sports genre but also lacks a license. However, if any of us have learned from the Winning Eleven soccer series, Konami has taken these risks and they've succeeded. That leads us to Rumble Roses XX for the Xbox 360. This isn't your usual wrestling title. Lacking a license, Konami hopes a solid wrestling engine, and....well, scantily clothed women will appeal to wrestling fans."

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# 1 mgoblue @ 04/24/06 12:08 PM
great review, I completely agree...the gameplay is pretty fun, but the unlocking is confusing, not many gameplay options, and no career mode. If they put a good wrapping around the next version (in depth career mode ala Smackdown) then it really has potential. As it is, I've enjoyed the mindless fun, sometimes it's nice not to have to deeply think about a game and just enjoy.
# 2 Sully @ 04/24/06 09:17 PM
Originally Posted by RailStone
I got this game and dont understand the reviews on the net at all, it should be a higher scored game IMO, and i cant wait to see how the series progresses from here.
Much to my surprise, I actually enjoyed it. I just thought the gameplay options were pretty shallow. It felt more like an arcade fighter than it did a wrestling game, perhaps because there was no true story mode.
# 3 Sully @ 04/24/06 09:32 PM
No worries. I had originally scored it a 6, but felt I was punishing Rumble Roses XX too much for not being a licensed wrestling title. Perhaps that's what other reviewers are doing as well. I don't know. What I do know is that it's fun, nice to look at, and easy to pick up and play.
# 4 rednarb357 @ 04/25/06 11:38 AM
Nice review, I'd give it around a 7.5 myself...it's pretty fun.....actually I think it's a cross between DOA and Smackdown myself...someone made a pretty cool chart over at xbox.com, but you need Excel to use it...but it does help when you are trying to unlock things, much better than any guide really...the depth to this game is actually pretty hidden because there is alot to unlock in this game if you wanted to unlock everything in the game it could take 100's of hours. Myself I'm only unlocking all the characters and will just concentrait on my favorites(Candy Cane, Mistress[because she's hilarious], Sgt. Clements, and Sista A)...

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