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Amped 3 Developer Shuts Doors

Next Generation has the scoop.
"When asked whether or not the closure had to do with poor sales of Indie Built's Amped 3 and Top Spin 2 for Xbox 360, he noted that the industry slump has been "across the board", but he conceded that "there were certain [Indie Built] titles that didn't perform as well."

Fans of the series can take heart, as Ankner stated, "We're fully committed to our 2K Sports brand of franchises, and we retain all the rights to Amped and Top Spin."

Test Drive Unlimited Hands On Preview w/ Movie Clips (360)

Game Informer Online has posted their hands on preview of Test Drive Unlimited, including some movie clips.
"While you can play the game offline, where Test Drive Unlimited really impresses is its online feature set. Atari is billing Test Drive Unlimited as a MOOR – a massively open online racing game. Every single person that is playing Test Drive Unlimited on Xbox Live will be on the same island with you. While you’re driving around you’ll see other real world drivers, as well as AI drivers cruising the streets along side you. While in theory you could plan to have the worlds largest traffic jam in a specific part of the island, Eden is only allowing users to see eight vehicles on the screen at once. However, in Test Drive Unlimited, any racer you come across you’ll have the opportunity to race, whether they’re driving a car or a motorcycle."

Project Gotham Races to Mobiles

Xequted has the scoop.
"The PGR franchise revolutionized the racing genre by rewarding gamers for driving with speed, style and daring," said Greg Ballard, chief executive officer, Glu Mobile. "Glu will create the definitive mobile racing experience by delivering this same exciting challenge optimized for the mobile platform."

Table Tennis Preview (360)

Got-Next has posted their preview of Table Tennis.
"Table Tennis is touted to sport an authentic physics engine, and will feature 11 different selectable players. Each of these characters will have unique gameplay attributes and styles, so in theory there will be lots of different ways to play and skills to master. Some of the techniques include power shots, heavy spin, and precision accuracy. Lastly, there are almost 20 different settings to stage matches. Some will be arenas, and others will be "special locations". All are planned to be meticulously detailed, displaying the wonders of next-generation technology that's being exploited by developers getting more comfortable every day with the 360 hardware."

GTR 360 Screenshots (360)

360 Era has posted some screenshots of GTR 360.

Question of the Day

Which sport do you dislike the most and why?

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Member Comments
# 1 aukevin @ 05/02/06 08:48 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
This new Mario game looks great. I can't wait for it to come out. I only wish it was for the Gamecube.
# 2 forensicd @ 05/02/06 09:00 AM
baseball: I simplyt cant stand it. I guess its becuase I never played it as a kid, but i find it so boring.
# 3 ndeezlo @ 05/02/06 10:09 AM
hockey- I didn't watch any regular season games and now that the wings are eliminated I won't be watching any more probably
# 4 nyisles16 @ 05/02/06 12:14 PM
basketball.. just up & down, foul.. repeat.. nascar comes a close second.. three hrs of "left turns" doesnt excite me at all...
# 5 slickdtc @ 05/02/06 02:03 PM
Basketball: If you touch a guy it's a foul. Teams use too many timeouts at the end of games and it totally kills the flow of the game (I can see using them when appropriate, but they do it way too much). Plus, right now the players are so ****ed up it makes me sick. I know other leagues have issues with players breaking the law but in the NBA it seems more guys are in trouble with the law then are not in trouble with it.=
# 6 aukevin @ 05/02/06 03:11 PM
Originally Posted by nyisles16
nascar comes a close second.. three hrs of "left turns" doesnt excite me at all...
yeah, I don't get NASCAR either. I used to watch for the crashes, but then I realized how morbid that was and that there are real people in those cars and that they could seriously be hurt. So now it's like what you said, watching cars drive in circles for 3 hours.
# 7 stalsy2310 @ 05/02/06 06:57 PM
Question of the Day

Which sport do you dislike the most and why?

Nascar, golf, hockey all seem boring to me

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