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NFL Head Coach Screenshots (PC, Xbox, PS2)

EA Sports has posted some more screenshots of NFL Head Coach.

Test Drive Unlimited First Impressions (360)

Eurogamer has posted their first impressions of Test Drive Unlimited.
"It's fast. When it comes to racing games, us hacks often remark on the "sense of speed" before hurling a few superlatives around and vanishing to the pub. In TDU, "sense of speed" is the superlative. This game's McLaren F1, which is the top car, admittedly, doesn't just go fast on the authentic speed-o, but it goes FAST. Racing down a stretch of the Hawaiian highway at 250mph-plus, the environment hurtles by, and you don't want to bother with the corners; you just want more highway. You press the button to wind down the windows because it sounds fast. Raw."

Are you good at FIFA?

Go to Xbox Cup and find out how good you really are.
"On or about Friday April 28th, 2006 or the date when EA Sports FIFA World Cup 2006 is released to market (if different), the EA Sports 2006 FIFA World Cup (tm) ranked leaderboard will commence tracking. Beginning on or about April 28th, 2006, through Wednesday May 24th, 2006 Players will compete to qualify for a final tournament in Berlin at which the top two winners of the Tournament will play as a team in an Xbox competition against winners of similar tournaments. Rules for the final tournament will be provided on site, but will be played on EA Sports 2006 FIFA World Cup."

FIFA World Cup 2006 Demo (360)

According to Major Nelson, the FIFA World Cup 2006 demo is available.

Race Driver 2006's Exclusive Trans World Cup Details (PSP)

Gameinfowire has the scoop.
"The Trans World Cup delivers high-octane event-based racing challenges in short bursts, making it perfect for PSP system gaming on the go, and takes the action way beyond first-past-the-finish races. Different events will test drivers’ racing prowess and car-handling expertise in areas such as damage control, using the racing line, maneuvering, timely pit-stops and pulling stunts."

ATV Offroad Fury 4 Preview (PS2)

GameZone has posted their preview of ATV Offroad Fury 4.
"The game features 74 tracks, four different vehicle types for 30 total drivable vehicles. There are several new modes of play, but some must be unlocked through playing in the story mode. The new modes are point-to-point, head-to-head, rally cross, circuit, hill climb and a new hybrid version of national. Of course, freestyle and super cross will still be available."

Race Driver 2006 Movie Clip (PSP)

Game Informer Online has posted a movie clip from Race Driver 2006.
"In addition to an extensive career mode, Race Driver 2006 comes loaded with an additional and all-new championship known as the Trans World Cup, exclusively for the game’s U.S. release."

Question of the Day

Do you play games more or less often than you did last year?

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Member Comments
# 1 SPTO @ 05/04/06 07:30 AM
Ugh, why can't EA make people look like you know, actual people?!

QOTD: I'd say about the same.
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 05/04/06 08:49 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Question of the Day

Do you play games more or less often than you did last year?

Well, right now, less. My XBox 360 is in a UPS truck somewhere, being shipped back to be fixed.
# 3 forensicd @ 05/04/06 09:12 AM
I feel like im playing less, maybe becuase Im getting older and just dont have the time to play as much.

That list of top 10 creepy kids shows is great, problme is I have to watch alot of them with my son!
# 4 ndeezlo @ 05/04/06 09:41 AM
qotd- Probably a little less, because last year I was living with my parents with the PS2 in my room where I spent most of my time. Now I live with 2 buddies and the PS2 is in the basement so I'm not there all the time.
# 5 bergie56 @ 05/04/06 11:09 AM
QOTD: I play about the same. I have actually been playing more in college than I did in high school.

That soda in schools link you posted upsets me. I have no problem with getting soda out of elementary and middle schools but I think that a high schooler should be able to choose if they want a diet or regular soda. I think maybe instead of taking soda out of schools to reduce weight they could actually re-incorporate physical education and make kids aware of making healthy life choices.
# 6 OSUG1 @ 05/04/06 11:31 AM

about the same, played Smash just about all the time last year, now I am playing more PS2 games.

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