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EA Sports has sent us some motion capture screenshots from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 07. Hopefully, we'll have a fact sheet real soon.

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# 1 Rback21 @ 05/09/06 05:40 PM
Just as most of the guys said on the E3 forum last night, Tiger looks VERY realistic. I'm impressed but will they be doing this type of "work" for other games and on other systems besides the PS3?
# 2 ComfortablyLomb @ 05/11/06 08:45 AM
Whoa, I saw that first picture and thought it was just an ever so slightly odd looking photograph. I don't think I've ever really been tricked by a screen grab before... looking spiffy.
# 3 Ice Cream Truck @ 05/14/06 03:51 PM
Looks crazy for real, my brother was trippin when he watched it on E3.
# 4 Gleebo @ 05/14/06 06:49 PM
Originally Posted by Ice Cream Truck
Looks crazy for real, my brother was trippin when he watched it on E3.
# 5 Postman17 @ 05/17/06 04:29 PM
Are you guys telline me that the 360 will look just the same because the 06 looks horrible compared the PS3 07 version. I am seriously liking the graphics I see from this PS3.
# 6 thmst30 @ 05/17/06 06:57 PM
PEOPLE THIS IS NOT what TW 07 will look like. This is just a future possibility. Yes I saw the video but it just that A VIDEO. NOT a gameplay video. I will bet everything that EA will not put out a game with these graphics this year. Flame me all you want but I better not hear any bitching when the truth is realized. Have you guys learned nothing.

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