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Ridge Racer 7 Movie Clip (PS3)

Club Skill has posted a movie clip from Ridge Racer 7.
"This is the trailer is being shown at this years E3. The trailer is for the latest Ridge Racer game which is heading for the next-generation Playstation 3. The game itself was only recently revealed to the world, but looking at this video makes you want to fly over to Los Angeles and try the game out for yourself."

Madden NFL 07 Gets Physical on Nintendo Wii

MSN Money has the scoop.
"Huddle up sports fans, Madden NFL 07 is coming to Wii! Electronic Arts Inc. ERTS today confirmed that Madden NFL 07, the world's most popular sports game, is being custom-designed for Nintendo's groundbreaking next generation game console, Wii(TM). Conceived as an entirely original football experience, the game will put players on the field like never before. Using the console's unique remote to pass, kick, snap, throw, catch and run, players will interact with the game in an entirely new way. Boasting massive gameplay innovations inspired by the motion sensor of the remote, Madden NFL 07 maximizes the power and unique design of the game system."

Motorstorm Screenshots (PS3)

Playsyde has posted some screenshots of Motorstorm.
"Sony already released a few images of their big PS3 titles, starting with the much awaited Motorstorm."

Formula One Screenshots (PS3)

Playsyde has posted some screenshots of Formula One.
"Formula One is shown with these 4 new images. Looks good, but nothing amazing."

Gran Turismo Man Talks Tech (PS3)

Eurogamer has the scoop.
"Legendary Gran Turismo development head Kazunori Yamauchi has issued a statement following last night's viewing of his Gran Turismo HD demo in Los Angeles, outlining the visual specifications of the software and hinting that a full Gran Turismo game for PS3 may arrive soon after launch."

Gran Turismo HD Screenshots (PS3)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of Gran Turismo HD.
"At their press conference, Sony demonstrated next-gen graphics on the PS3 with a title called Gran Turismo HD. The game is an updated version of GT4 with better resolution and a solid framerate of 60 fps. However, the details remain last-gen."

Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on the pricing and specs of the Playstation 3?

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Member Comments
# 1 23 @ 05/09/06 07:58 AM
PS3, not worth the price IMO. Doesnt seem to be that much more as far as the specs are concerned to justify the stiff pricing, and blu-ray is just not a priority for me right now.

Now the Wii, that sounds like a great system that would compliment my 360
# 2 thejake @ 05/09/06 08:33 AM
No PS3 for me. Seems like too much money and the vids at the press conference didn't look any better than the 360.
# 3 ndeezlo @ 05/09/06 09:57 AM
$600 seems do-able, but at least 2 games and a controller it's more like $800.
# 4 Shaver @ 05/09/06 09:58 AM
I think that Sony look like fools right now for pot-shotting MS all year about the Core and Premium system at release... then they not only drop two SKUs... but their "cheap" unit can't even be upgraded to the "other" unit.

Not smart.

I think that the Wii may steal all of Sony's juice at E3 this year.
# 5 forensicd @ 05/09/06 10:10 AM
Ive had every console sony has offered, but this one seems a little arrogant on their part. Expecting people to pay 600 bones for a console? Now way jose.
# 6 fossen @ 05/09/06 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Question of the Day

What are your thoughts on the pricing and specs of the Playstation 3?
My thoughts are that being a multi-platform gamer is a thing of the past.

I might consider a Wii as a second system, but no way am I dropping that kind of cash on a PS3.
# 7 OSUG1 @ 05/09/06 10:25 AM

will be saving up to get a 360
# 8 Spanky @ 05/09/06 10:27 AM
I was going to get a PS3 if it was priced the same as a 360. Now I kind of doubt it. But I'll wait to see the reviews, and if it's not that much better than than the 360, and I doubt there will be that much difference, I'll go with the 360, which I hope will come down in price before Christmas.

I always thought Sony was smarter than this. This just doesn't seem like that bright a move.

If the 360 HD price comes down to $300 around the same time the PS3 comes out at $500 and $600, and there's not that much of a difference in terms of the quality of sports titles, I just don't see any reason to get a PS3.

I think Sony might have screwed itself.
# 9 aukevin @ 05/09/06 11:07 AM
It's gonna be a lot of money, but I'm alright with getting the PS3 for $600. Now if I had already owned a 360, I doubt I would buy this as well.
# 10 Sancheezy @ 05/09/06 02:57 PM
i was holding as well, but that price almost guarantees that ill get the 360 at some time, and totally forget about getting the PS3. 600 bucks is a lot of money , especially when you have a family.
# 11 elprez98 @ 05/09/06 04:31 PM
Originally Posted by fossen
My thoughts are that being a multi-platform gamer is a thing of the past.

I might consider a Wii as a second system, but no way am I dropping that kind of cash on a PS3.
100% agreement here.
# 12 ndeezlo @ 05/09/06 05:04 PM
MLB the Show and the fact that I've only owned Sony/Sega products except for NES and Gamecube, or the reasons i'm still considering the PS3. And Blu-ray but I'm not sure if either Blu-ray or HD DVD's will take off within this next generation of video games. So color me confused.

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