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GameSpy Movie Clips (Wii, 360)

GameSpy has posted movie clips from the following games:

E3 Report: EA Sports Games

GamersInfo has posted an article entitled, E3 Report: EA Sports Games.
"The biggest difference veteran players of the series will notice is how attributes are assigned to new players. Instead of adjusting sliders, the rookies go through a selection of mini-camp drills such as running the 40 and benchpressing. The results of those will set the attributes. In addition, the minigames can be used during the season to help rehabilitate injured players, but be careful of pushing them too hard lest you injure them worse."

Moto GP 2006 Preview and Screenshots (360)

WorthPlaying has posted their preview of Moto GP 2006, which includes plenty of screenshots.
"Pulling back to a broader perspective, Moto GP '06 promises a realistic, 30-mile view from any point on the tracks. Climax used satellite imagery to capture the lay of the land around the real-world tracks, down to placing individual clumps of trees in spots where green masses appeared on the snapshots from way up high. The stands are full of spectators, too, contributing to the feel of an actual competitive event. One of the slickest visual flourishes, though, comes in the replays, an effect that mimics the hazy effect of diffused light as you look into the distance."

Final Furlong Hands On Preview (Wii)

GameSpot has posted their hands on preview of Final Furlong.
"The demo on offer only contained one action-oriented race, and onscreen it looked no different than other similar games. All the difference lay in the way we had to play the game, which involved using the Wii remote and nunchuk in tandem to emulate the reins on a horse. Yeah, we looked a little silly playing it, but darned if it wasn't a lot of fun. We simply shook the reins up and down (like you would while riding a real horse, we assume) to make the horse go faster, though if we whipped the beast into too much of a foam, he'd get too tired and start to lag behind the rest of the pack."

Wii Sports: Baseball Hands On Preview (Wii)

GameSpot has posted their preview of Wii Sports: Baseball.
"As in other Wii Sports games, the idea of Baseball was straightforward--you stood in the batter's box and took three straight pitches, holding and swinging the Wii remote as you would a regular Louisville Slugger, followed by a slightly more advanced series of 10 pitches, which seemed to vary in speed a bit more. The first three pitches were softballs however, and we managed to knock all three out of the park with little effort. As you might expect, how early or late your swing will not only determine whether you make contact or not, but in which direction the ball will go once you make contact."

Test Drive Unlimited Hands On Preview (360)

PALGN has posted their preview of Test Drive Unlimited.
"Gameplay-wise, the game played somewhat like a light simulation-racer. Easy to pick up but in requiring skill and precision to be successful. There’s nothing really new to the control scheme but it felt comfortable on the 360 controller and the level of control that you had made it feel authentic. For whatever reason, you’re able to spin the camera around your car and there are little things like a GPS so that you can manually point out where you want to go on the map or if you run off the road, you can press “back” to get back on the side of the road. Interestingly, outside of events, you’ll be subject to the law. So crashing and causing carnage will attract cops and if they catch you, fines."

IGN Updates (Multi)

IGN has posted the following:

Table Tennis Screenshots (360)

GameSpot has posted some screenshots of Table Tennis.

Eyetoy: Sports Announced (PS2)

PALGN has the scoop.
"We were expecting that E3 would bring about the announcement of Eyetoy: Play 4, but instead it looks like we'll be getting Eyetoy: Sports, which is the first Eyetoy game to be made up entirely of mini games."

MotoGP’06 Xbox Live Demo Online (360)

Xboxic has the scoop.
"Just like we expected, the MotoGP ‘06 demo just showed up online. You can find it in the Marketplace in the ‘New Demos and Trailers’ section, or in the Game List, under MotoGP 06 Demo. The download is 882.53MB, and it looks like it’s still going fast with most people."

Tony Hawk’s Project 8 Screenshots (PC)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of Tony Hawk’s Project 8.
"Activision will continue the Tony Hawk franchise yet another chapter. This one will be called Tony Hawk's Project 8 and be available Q4 for all major platforms."

Moto GP 06 Demo Video (360)

Xboxyde has posted a demo video from Moto GP 06.
"THQ and Microsoft released the Moto GP 06 demo on the Marketplace a few minutes ago, and I've already captured a one lap video on Tokyo."

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Preview (360)

GameSpy has posted their preview of Tony Hawk's Project 8.
"For one thing, Tony Hawk's Project 8 will feature a fully streaming world with more detail than you've seen in any previous Tony Hawk game. Previous games have tried to hide their load times by using corridors to connect various areas, streaming the new area's content as you traveled from one place to the next. We were told that the multiple cores in the 360 and PS3 allow for new details to be included in the world."

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