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E3 06: Madden NFL 07 Hands On Preview (PS2)

GameSpot has posted their hands on preview of Madden NFL 07.
"Other touches we noticed was the ability to hold the R1 button and make adjustments to either the linebackers or lineman on the fly with the right analog stick. Of course, you can still shift those groups left or right to get a jump on the play, you can also make general coverage assignments for your linebackers, assigning them to zone or man coverage by simply pushing up or down with the right analog stick. For the lineman, you can also assign the direction in which the line will move off the line during the snap, also by using the right analog stick in conjunction with the R1 button."

SEGA Rally First Look (PS3)

Pro-G has posted their first look at SEGA Rally.
"Each car in the game has its own mass, and affects the world individually, deforming the top layer and, depending on the class of car, the bottom layer of soil on the track. Neat feature right? Now throw in another seven cars all deforming the track and creating ridges for you to speed over, or follow for a better racing line. The more you stay inside these dynamically created grooves, the faster you're able to race due to improved tyre grip, giving you an advantage over your opponent."

Table Tennis Video Clip (360)

Xboxyde has posted a video clip from Table Tennis.
"The very surprising Table Tennis is finally here with a gameplay video, thanks again to Snoopers. I like what I'm seeing here."

Virtua Tennis 3 Preview (PS3)

1Up has posted their preview of Virtua Tennis 3.
"The AI has definitely been improved, enough that it's a tad noticeable, but not as much as we'd like to see. Getting an ace on an opponent seems much harder to do, but you can still play the net and whip the opponent extremely easily in a matter of seconds. Hopefully in the final version of the game the computer controlled players will be a bit more difficult for series vets."

Wii Sports Hands-On Impressions (Wii)

Eurogamer has posted their hands on impressions of Wii Sports.
"The Wii Sports games, I'd like to let you know, probably took the longest for me to get a good feel for, despite their easy pick up and play appeal, because each game was on a separate demo unit, each with a queue that would probably double the amount of people who live in any random small country you can think of. Let's say... Fiji. Which is a lot nicer than where I wished most of them would go. But for some reason, each time I got to the front of the queue, as full of rage and bile that I was, once I got that surprisingly small, can't-quite-tell-if-it's-comfortable-yet controller in my hand, it was honestly like I was a kid again."

EyeToy: Sports Screenshots (PS2)

IGN has posted some screenshots of EyeToy: Sports.

GameSpot Update (360, PS2, PSP)

GameSpot has posted the following:

F1 06 Screenshots (PS2)

Pro-G has posted some screenshots of F1 06.

Wii Sports Preview (Wii)

Planet GameCube has posted their preview of Wii Sports.
"Wii Sports is a simple title with a simple goal: it is designed for everyone to play. All the games are extremely approachable, and their simple controls take almost no time to learn, though a little time to perfect. Nintendo is very concerned that the Wii Sports games be as non-intimidating as possible. The title will be available at launch, and though Nintendo specifically mentioned Baseball, Tennis, and Golf would be included, they neglected to mention whether the Flight game would be included."

Buzz Sports Screenshots (PS2)

Pro-G has posted some screenshots of Buzz Sports.

Wii Sports Screenshots (Wii)

IGN has posted some screenshots of Wii Sports.

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