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Madden NFL 07 Screenshots (PC)

3D Gamers have posted some screenshots of Madden NFL 07.
"Madden NFL 07 is the newly unveiled next edition in the long-running American Football series by EA Tiburon and EA Sports. Our game section for this title is now online, offering the available information and the first four officially released screenshots for download and online inspection."

Yahoo! Games Update (PS2, PSP)

Yahoo! Games have posted the following:
  • World Pool Championship Hands-On Preview (PS2)
    "The mechanics of a pool game being the bottom line for success and failure, we were pleased to report that the controls in WPC were approachable, while still offering a lot of depth for the more advanced set. Lining up your cue was a simple matter of moving the right analog stick left or right, and fine tuning adjustments could be made by holding down the L2 button. To get a better view of the table, and your shot, you could also move the stick up and down to and the camera would respond accordingly. Handy indicators on screen indicated which way the ball would break when struck at that angle."
  • Nascar 07 (working title) Hands-On Preview (PSP)
    "One of the things that struck us immediately about this rather limited demo version of the game, which is being released in tandem with the Xbox and PlayStation 2 versions of the next NASCAR game later this year, was the fact that a full 43-car field was running during the race. That's a pretty impressive feat for the little black handheld, and even game producers admitted they weren't exactly certain they could pull it off at first. Better yet, the game was running at a pretty decent frame rate and actually boasted some fairly sharp detail on the PSP screen."

FlatOut 2 Interview (PC)

FiringSquad has posted an interview with BugBear's Jussi Laakkonen, as they talk about FlatOut 2.
FiringSquad: "How have the car physics and track interactions been improved from the original game?"
Jussi Laakkonen: "Our industry leading physics engine has received a big overhaul from FlatOut 1. The performance of the engine has increased 66% and we now do over 5000 dynamic objects per track. That is a lot more than any other title out there on PS2. We've also added complex physics interactions like explosions and chain reactions (e.g. land slides). The car physics have been tweaked to make the more responsive especially while driving in a powerslide. Also FO2 features much more varied handling models (4 wheel drive, rear and front wheel drive) so everybody's sure to find a car that fits their particular driving style."

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What are your studs and duds of E3 2006?

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