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We have just posted our 2006 FIFA World Cup review. Find out what Clay Shaver had to say about it.
"America’s reluctance to embrace football actually brought about the birth of the most watched sporting event on the planet. No, not that football, Americans like that just fine, but soccer still continues to wallow close to the bottom of the average American’s sports pecking order. That same failure to embrace the game caused the International Olympic Committee to pull soccer out of the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles due to lack of interest in the U.S., and FIFA retaliated by launching the first World Cup back in 1930."

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# 1 ChiTownKid @ 05/17/06 10:03 PM
Personally, I think it deserves a higher score. At least an 8.5, maybe even a 9. If the ease of crossing is what cost it the two points, then maybe the reviewer should have tried a tougher difficulty. Crosses are not as easy on Professional level and higher.

It's the best FIFA game EA's done yet.
# 2 Thrash13 @ 05/17/06 10:08 PM
I have read every review out there, and they are all pretty consistent. I really need to rent this game and give it a chance. I'm kinda being a stubborn American as well.

Thanks for the review. It sounded very honest and fair.

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