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GameSpot Update (Xbox, 360)

GameSpot has posted the following:

Table Tennis Interview (360)

IGN has posted an interview with Lead Programmer Wil Paredes and Network Programmer John Gierach about Table Tennis.
IGN: "What kinds of Achievements can you earn during online play?"
Wil: "There is a large variety of Achievements to work for and about one third of all achievements are online only. There are ones for winning streaks and shutouts, ranked matches and standard ones, and even one that's awarded if you ever become the best player on all of Xbox Live (don't worry, it's not taken away if you lose the top spot!)."

Pro-G Update (PS2)

Pro-G has posted the following:
  • FlatOut 2 Hands On Preview (PS2)
    "One of the most loved features of FlatOut is the selection of mini-games that basically see you attempting to propel the driver of the car out of the windscreen in order to score points."
  • FlatOut 2 Screenshots (PS2)

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge Preview (PSP)

1up has posted their preview of Dave Mirra BMX Challenge.
"In all fairness, there isn't anything overtly bad about Dave Mirra, and while the PSP hasn't seen a title like this in quite some time, the pieces that make up this puzzle are currently MIA."

ToTheGame Screenshots (PS2, PSP, 360)

ToTheGame has posted the following screenshots:
  • GTR (360)
    "GTR features all the cars, drivers and tracks from two full FIA GT Championships and challenges casual racers to become world-class drivers."
  • Formula One 06 (PS2)
    "This means players can now compete online across platforms to see who the fastest FORMULA ONE 06 racer is."
  • Formula One 06 (PSP)
    "In other words, if you own the PlayStation 2 version of the game and your friend owns the PSP version, you can still compete on the same circuit!"

NFL Head Coach - Motivation Trailer (PC)

Worthplaying has posted their a trailer of NFL Head Coach, weighing in at 73.08 MB.
"NFL Head Coach is the first 3D strategy sports game that challenges gamers to build and manage every aspect of a football team from the ground up. A simple conversation system and an engaging 3D graphical interface allow users to immerse themselves into the lives of an NFL head coach."

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