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Aaron Holbert has just posted his hands on impressions of NHL 2K7.
"While I was at E3, I was able to get a sneak preview of some of NHL 2K7’s new features. The highest profile addition to the NHL2K7 is Cinemamotion. The NHL2K team wanted to give users another style of presentation. Instead of the typical broadcast style presentation found in every sports game today, NHL2K7 will have a movie-like presentation before, during and after each game. Before each game, cut-scenes will show each your team preparing for the game and your coach shouting the strategy for the game. During the game, the camera will focus in on highly emotional moments. The NHL2K team stated that it will be very similar to how the movie “Miracle” was presented with dramatic music and on ice player chatter being the focus."

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# 1 StabMasterArson @ 05/22/06 04:50 PM
Franchise Focus - Refined franchise logic mirrors today’s NHL as division rivalries heat up, home ice takes on new meaning and balanced lines play a deeper role.
I hope this is true and done right.Big issues I have had with past hockey games rolling two maybe three lines all game and too many game sevens that felt like game seven of the season.
# 2 TheLetterZ @ 05/22/06 05:48 PM
Now if the game doesn't freeze and crash, they'll really have something there.
# 3 tabulaRasa @ 06/12/06 02:38 AM
Originally Posted by ZXLT
Now if the game doesn't freeze and crash, they'll really have something there.
They better fix the goalies, in the 360 version the goalies sucked, they moved to much out of position (instead of just covering angles, check out the replays to see what I mean), and that damn shrug move of the goalies is a total moneygoal!! What´s up with that!? JUst aim topshelf and do a little turn just before you shot, it´s a goal 90% of the time. STickside is easier , but gloveside to. Notice the same ****ty animation on the goals. Although the XBOX version of NHL2k6 has stellar awesome goalies. So they screwed up in the 360 version .

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