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We have been working with 2K Sports on an NBA 2K7 NBA Finals simulation. Included are nine screenshots and a movie clip. Enjoy the sim!

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# 1 luv_mist @ 06/07/06 11:23 PM
WTF?? That's a huge file. Thanks for that on the real though. I'm definitely going to watch that tonight. Not a good sign to see Dallas winning seeing I'm a Shaq fan. Hey, that's life I guess.......
# 2 yuckmoufjonez @ 06/07/06 11:54 PM
Yeah Noah,
Thanks for the info man...good lookin'...dl'ing now!
# 3 Ironhorse85 @ 06/08/06 03:15 AM
All I get is a blank video, is there a certain Quicktime codec I need? I can hear the audio.
# 4 Kushmir @ 06/08/06 08:52 AM
are you guys kidding me?

a FINALS high 46% FG percentage...(not to mention several nights of sub 40% percentages...

a realistic FG percentage has never been achieved in an NBA game, and if its finally here, believe me its GROUNDBREAKING.

i've got my fingers crossed for realistic FG percentaegs in PVP games..particularly online.
# 5 DC @ 06/08/06 09:21 AM
Kush; it is just simulation though.
So they %'s would be realistic
# 6 sheed369 @ 06/08/06 05:12 PM
Originally Posted by Ironhorse85
All I get is a blank video, is there a certain Quicktime codec I need? I can hear the audio.
exactly can someone PLEASE help out
# 7 sheed369 @ 06/08/06 05:28 PM
wtf is this just the 59 second video?
# 8 cdubdiggity @ 06/09/06 12:04 AM
High Def
# 9 riDIRKulous41 @ 06/09/06 12:16 PM
Hope the fix adrian griffins number, They still have him as #8, he is # 44. Also, the mavs home court doesnt have black around the paint and the sideline/baseline area. it is another shade of blue, hope 2k fixs this b4 the release
# 10 JVG @ 06/13/06 09:23 PM
Is this for the 360? If so, the graphics look awful.
# 11 Basketballer238 @ 06/21/06 08:41 AM

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