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We have just posted the NBA Live 07 NBA Finals simulation, complete with eight screenshots and a movie clip. Check out the sim!

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# 1 luv_mist @ 06/07/06 11:26 PM
I hope I'm not being ******** for asking, but what system are those screenshots? I'm assuming XBOX but then again, I could be wrong. Good stuff on the real. Appreciated.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 06/08/06 07:26 AM
I'm pretty sure they are Xbox screenshots, but PR didn't let me know.
# 3 Hassan Darkside @ 06/08/06 09:52 AM
Yea, the screens are XBox and the Video is Xbox360 I'm guessing. I don't know if they've made it that far on ps3.
# 4 negsanzo @ 06/09/06 09:51 AM
I didn't see anything "07" about this simulation. Everything still look the same as last year. There were no improvements on the gameplay, which sucks real bad in Live 06. I hope that the final version is a lot better because this video was horrific.
# 5 Steve_OS @ 06/09/06 06:01 PM
EA has notified me that the video clip was mistakenly sent and it was actually NBA Live 06, not 07.

The clip has been removed.

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