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NFL Head Coach Preview (PC)

GamersInfo has posted their preview of NFL Head Coach.
"Career - slash - draft day is basically the first couple of rounds of the draft. You play as the Houston Texans (though it doesn't tell you that right away), and it's your choice who to choose. You can get on to your computer and look at your team, consult your draft notebook, make phone calls and arrange trades or talk to agents, and ask your assistants for their advice."

Need For Speed Carbon Details (Multi)

Eurogamer has posted some details about Need For Speed Carbon.
"This time your gang of racing pals will have unique characteristics in each of their favour. Some will be better at ramming people off the road, others at slipstreaming and so on, and these skills will come into play during the "canyon races" the title hints at, where you have to race after opponents without getting caught out by the scenery."

Ridge Racer 7 Movie Clip (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted a movie clip from Ridge Racer 7.

Question of the Day

Does Miami close out tonight? How did you like Game 7 of the Stanley Cup?

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# 1 plasticbeast @ 06/20/06 08:55 AM
I think it will come down to home court... Dallas will win game 6 and 7
# 2 ndeezlo @ 06/20/06 09:21 AM
Dallas definately wins tonight because David Stern loves game 7's. Wanted Edmonton to win only because I said they would win with or with out Rolie, after they lost game 1 and TJ disagreed with me.
# 3 OSUG1 @ 06/20/06 12:18 PM

I said Heat in 6, so to make that come true I would like the Heat to win but if tht Mavs win the next two I would not be heartbroken.
# 4 dieselboy @ 06/20/06 03:12 PM
Dallas in seven.

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