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World Tour Golf Screenshots (PC)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of World Tour Golf.
"Oxygen Interactive is pleased to announce the first two players in World Tour Golf's line-up of international golfing talent. Challenging players to take on their idols in the most realistic-playing sports game to date, World Tour Golf gives games players and sports fans alike the chance to compete against some of the finest real life pros on the Tour. This week's announcement sees the world-renowned Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose step up to the tee!"

Need for Speed: Carbon Trailer (360)

360Monster has posted a trailer from Need for Speed: Carbon.
"Here it is, the first trailer for EA's latest game Need for Speed: Carbon. The game which looks to be released this fall will involve you not only taking control of your own unique beefed up ride, but also a complete crew of modded cars."

Motor Storm Screenshots (PS3)

PSX Extreme has posted some screenshots of Motor Storm.

Need for Speed: Carbon Screenshots and Trailers (PS2, PS3, PSP, Xbox, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted screenshots and trailers from Need for Speed: Carbon.
"Electronics Arts did not surprise a lot of people today by announcing Need for Speed: Carbon, to be released at the end of the year on Xbox, PS2, DS, PSP, Gamecube, PC, Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3. First screens inside."

Test Drive Unlimited Screenshots (360)

Boomtown has posted some screenshots of Test Drive Unlimited.
"Atari has been releasing plenty of screens from this highly-anticipated game based on various car manufacturers. This latest batch though shows what happens when things go a little wrong."

Virtua Tennis 3 Screenshots (360)

Eurogamer has posted some screenshots of Virtua Tennis 3.
"Take on the world’s greatest tennis stars on any court surface worldwide; with newly added players and improvements to the game’s AI, Virtua Tennis 3 has upped the challenge to becoming the top seed of the tennis world. In Career Mode, gamers will travel the world and take on the biggest stars of the tennis world. Improvements to the Player Creation Mode allow gamers to customise their own tennis star with increased detail like never before."

Rugby League 2 Coming (Xbox)

MyGen has the scoop.
"Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES) announced today that Rugby League 2 will be available for Xbox on Thursday 13th July 2006."

Eurogamer Update (360, PSP)

Eurogamer has posted the following:
  • New Forza 2 Details Revealed (360)
    "Forza 2 will feature more than 65 tracks across 18 environments, including 13 real-world licensed circuits such as Silverstone, Tsukuba, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and the Road America race track. There are four all-new licensed tracks including Sebring International Raceway."
  • Def Jam Q&A (PSP)
    "Def Jam Fight for NY: The Takeover is due out on PSP on July 21st. Read on to learn about the game from scratch, its various fighting styles, and, for those of you who know your Def Jams from your Death Rows, what it's been like translating the game to PSP."

Question of the Day

What are you up to this weekend?

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Member Comments
# 1 ExtremeGamer @ 06/23/06 07:12 AM
QOTD - Going to the Cleveland Grand Prix for ChampCar this weekend. Tomorrow is qualifying and the "celebrity" go kart race. Also a free Paul Rodgers concert. Sunday is the actual race. Looking forward to it, have near start/finish line seats as well as pit/paddock passes.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 06/23/06 07:18 AM
Originally Posted by ExtremeGamer
QOTD - Going to the Cleveland Grand Prix for ChampCar this weekend. Tomorrow is qualifying and the "celebrity" go kart race. Also a free Paul Rodgers concert. Sunday is the actual race. Looking forward to it, have near start/finish line seats as well as pit/paddock passes.
Cool, any idea who the celebs are gonna be?
# 3 ExtremeGamer @ 06/23/06 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Cool, any idea who the celebs are gonna be?
Probably the local weather guy, radio DJ, etc. Yeah, I'm saying "H" List celebrities.. LOL
# 4 Shaver @ 06/23/06 07:20 AM
I'm eyeing the Tigers/Cardinals game on Sunday.

The rest of the weekend should be chores and NFL Head Coach.
# 5 ndeezlo @ 06/23/06 09:29 AM
Going to tigers cardinals tonight (I get to see Verlander for the first time), watch world cup and work 8-3 sunday.
# 6 Easton @ 06/23/06 09:42 AM
QOTD: Got a hockey game tonight. Second game of the summer season, and we're 1-0 so far. Tomorrow going to a wedding reception for a friend who got married a couple of weeks ago in Hawaii. Sunday I'm going to try to get out and play some golf if the weather cooperates.
# 7 dieselboy @ 06/23/06 10:04 AM
Today I'm going to look into getting NFL HC, sadly, for Xbox. (My comps specs won't hang). Then, my buddy is having a big party tonight, so that should be fun, (its Reilly's party. If you remember the stories, him crapping himself and him breaking down the front door, etc). I will be bringing my girlfriend with me, and she will be meeting a lot of my friends for the first time.

Saturday, I will probably go out on the lake with my buddies.

I also need to look into getting my 360, and an external HD, along with possibly NFL HC.

Oh ya, and World Cup.
# 8 garnettrules21 @ 06/23/06 12:53 PM
Well, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot. Buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time.

jk , going to watch all-state baseball game tomorrow at OU and hopefully get to sleep in on Sunday.
# 9 MachoMyers @ 06/23/06 05:10 PM
Haha, good quote Garnett.
I just have to run it by Marissa...I'm Messing with you guys.

No work on Saturday for a change so me and some buddies are going to the Mets/Jays game.
Its Pride week so I'll probably go hang out in the Rainbow District...umm no.
I'm gonna get going with NFL Head Coach (Pete Carroll is back in the NFL) and maybe finish my first year of MLB The Show dynasty.
# 10 The GIGGAS @ 06/23/06 05:23 PM
LMAO at the 50 Worst Video Game Names:

If It Moves, Shoot It!

Anyway, going to dinner tonight with the gf, and going bowling with her sometime this weekend as well.

Then the rest is me time.

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