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NCAA Football 07 Hands On Impressions and Movie Clips (360)

Game Informer Online has posted their hands on impressions of NCAA Football 07, which includes some movie clips.
"While NCAA does look better than last year’s Madden for the Xbox 360, we noticed a number of shortcomings with NCAA Football 07. When panning the stadium, or during close ups of the players there’s noticeable frame loss. Only when looking from the standard back view does everything run well. Animations are decent, but are often repeated for both teams. All the stadiums we played in were represented phenomenally well, and while EA is touting this new Smart Fan system, they seemed to be cheering all the time. Obviously they would be louder when big plays were made, but not once did the crowd go silent.."

DOA: Xtreme Volleyball 2 Trailer (360)

360Monster has the scoop.
"So you want to see some hot action of the Dead or Alive girls frolicking around in the sun? If you have already seen the DOAX2 trailer online then you won't be seeing anything new if you download this trailer from the Market Place. But why wouldn't you want to see that trailer again in Hi Definition?"

Tokyo Extreme Racer Replay Video Clip (360)

Xboxyde has posted a Tokyo Extreme Racer replay video clip.
"Genki released this replay video of Tokyo Extreme Racer. This one gives a much better impression of this game than anything we saw before."

No Brakes: X Racing Screenshots (PC)

The official No Brakes: X Racing website has posted screenshots from their game.
"No Brakes: X Racing is an arcade racing game. All classes of cars from old RWD to modern sportcars. There are highway tracks with springboard, bridges and other barriers. Each car has its own physics model so have to get physical experience of driving each of them to win the race. Modern physics model with oversteer&understeer; the side-slip; some elements of driving strategy."

10Tacle Studios AG Launches New Racing Game Development Project (PC)

Check out 10Tacle Studios AG for the scoop.
"With the development of a new racing game project, 10TACLE STUDIOS AG further expands its product portfolio. The new game is supposed to be produced for several hardware platforms and will presumably be released worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2008. The project whose development costs amount to roughly eight million Euros has been commissioned with the help of private investment by the initiator AAA Capital Holding GmbH & Co. KG from Grünwald. The AAA Capital Holding GmbH & Co. KG had been involved in devising the concept and in the placement of two game funds whose exclusive development partner is 10TACLE STUDIOS AG."

Question of the Day

What game(s) do you have in your current rotation?

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Member Comments
# 1 elprez98 @ 07/08/06 08:04 AM

CH2k6 360
GRAW 360
Oblivion...I really love this game.
soon...NCAA 2007
# 2 GP Mercy @ 07/08/06 09:09 AM

CH 2K6
NCAA 07(soon)
# 3 Beantown @ 07/08/06 09:33 AM

Fifa WC
some COD2
# 4 RockyTop1 @ 07/08/06 10:37 AM
World Cup
Moto GP
College Hoops
# 5 dieselboy @ 07/08/06 11:59 AM

Sadly, just FIFA.

I haven't played my Xbox since picking up my 360.
# 6 MachoMyers @ 07/08/06 12:31 PM
QOTD: GRAW and mostly CHoops 2k6.

When NCAA comes out that will be it.
# 7 The GIGGAS @ 07/08/06 12:46 PM
QOTD: Top Spin 2 and WE9

Top Spin's going to go back soon.

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