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Virtua Tennis 3 Gameplay Video Clips (PS3, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted gameplay video clips from Virtua Tennis 3.
"Still from the Japan Expo, here is a gameplay video of Virtua Tennis 3, with two human opponents. I also took the time to give it a try, and really liked what I played."

MotorStorm Screenshots (PS3)

Digital Entertainment News have posted some screenshots of MotorStorm.

Need for Speed Carbon Preview (360)

Yahoo! Video Games have posted their preview of Need for Speed Carbon.
"In terms of gameplay, Need for Speed Carbon stays true to the open world framework of its predecessors but manages to trick it out considerably. The core experience has you traveling through the massive city that is the main stage for the game's action and challenging other crews for control of their territory. As you defeat them you'll take their 'hood and your rep will grow. Obviously taking on racing crews will present a sizeable challenge that is more than one man can handle."

Planet GameCube Previews (DS)

Planet GameCube has posted the following previews:
  • Diddy Kong Racing DS
    "Diddy Kong Racing DS is Rare's first project for Nintendo's latest handheld, and hopefully not the last. Microsoft, full owner of Rare LTD, has allowed the developer to make titles for the DS (as they did with the GBA), having yet to create their own portable gaming hardware that could compete with Nintendo's. Instead of developing a new game out of an old franchise, or creating a new IP, Rare has opted to update and reinvent their N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing with features optimized for the DS."
  • Mario Hoops 3-on-3
    "Mario Hoops has some interesting control mechanics. While character movement is handled with the D-pad, almost everything else is accomplished with various movements on the touch screen. Dribbling speed can be increased by tapping the screen: the faster the tapping, the faster the dribbling. Faster dribbling is required for certain special moves and activation of certain power-ups. Sliding the stylus towards another player will pass the ball, and an upward stroke towards the net will shoot it."

Question of the Day

So, who's going to win the World Cup?

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# 1 Steve_OS @ 07/09/06 12:14 PM
Can there BE any more diving in the VT3 clip? Ugh.
# 2 dieselboy @ 07/09/06 04:11 PM
QOTD: Lets hope Italy.

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