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Madden On Its Last Legs?

Kotaku has posted an article entitled, Madden On Its Last Legs?
"Never-ending sports franchise Madden hits stores on August 22 to sate America's insatiable thirst for all things football. This time around EA, king of multi-SKUs, is releasing a Hall of Fame edition for both the Playstation 2 and the Xbox 360."

Mario Hoops Summons Cactuar, Mages, Moogles (DS)

Kotaku has the scoop.
"Mario Hoops 3-on-3—also known as Mario Basketball 3on3 in the east—is becoming increasingly more bizarre. Sure, Mario playing any sport or performing virtually any activity at this point is de rigeur, but the unusual stylus based control scheme, coupled with Final Fantasy mainstays like mages, moogles, and more, make for a strange mushroomy brew."

Need for Speed Carbon Trailer & Images (PS3, 360)

Playsyde and Xboxyde have both posted trailers and images from Need for Speed Carbon.
"EA are racing around the world, showing their new games to the public this summer. They released these images and a pretty long gameplay trailer from Need for Speed: Carbon, and at least the sound is great."

Question of the Day

So, do you have a copy of NCAA Football 07 yet? If so, where did you get it?

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# 1 Acid @ 07/16/06 11:25 AM

Yes, got it at Games4Less on Thursday thanks to the benevolent omniscient ZXLT.
# 2 TJdaSportsGuy @ 07/16/06 12:08 PM

Yep, I got mine from Toys'R'Us, using the fake "Early Release Voucher" that someone produced. I tried the voucher first at Wal-Mart, then at Target, getting shot down both times. Toys'R'Us, however, gladly accepted it.
# 3 dieselboy @ 07/16/06 01:21 PM
QOTD - Just got back from camping and Warped Tour...might see if I can get one today.
# 4 OSUG1 @ 07/16/06 02:17 PM
QOTD: no and haven't checked any stores anyways
# 5 ndeezlo @ 07/16/06 04:18 PM
nope haven't looked for it.
# 6 nyisles16 @ 07/16/06 10:44 PM
nope - checked a little last week, but have some family health issues going on right now to bother till Tuesday...
# 7 ExtremeGamer @ 07/17/06 07:08 AM
QOTD- I forgot this existed in Steve's abscence

I got it from CC Games in Freemont, OH on Saturday. 2 hours there, 90 minutes back. It was totally worth it!
# 8 luv_mist @ 07/17/06 08:31 AM
Not into football that much. Rather get the Madden version than the NCAA version and I'm not interested in the Madden version.

On another note, funny stuff how EA is trying to squeeze money out of the PS2 & 360 owners for the HOF version.......

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