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Shawn Drotar has written an article entitled, The Word on the "Street".
"Many of you might remember seeing those words plastered all over EA Sports' NCAA 07 Football's website, print and online advertisements, TV spots and the demo recently released over Xbox Live for the Xbox 360.

The date loomed as a miniature Christmas for many, with anticipation building throughout the gaming community to a fever pitch as the newest iteration of the one of the most-loved sports gaming series came closer to arriving on store shelves everywhere.

Of course, the closer the game got to release, the more people were already playing it."

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# 1 Shamrock_11 @ 07/19/06 06:18 PM
Great article. There's nothing like the feeling of buying a game before the "street date". I bought NCAA 06 a week early last year from CompUSA, and as I was standing there at the register while they were ringing it up I got this wave of adrenaline because I knew they were'nt supposed to be selling me the game yet. I guess it's almost become a sport of it's own these days; searching all over the city for a store that will break the "street date".
# 2 Graphik @ 07/20/06 09:23 AM
Back in the day I used to itch and scratch waiting in anticipation for a new game. I would of done anything to get it. Even suck a .....wait, nevermind that. Now, its like whatever. I just learned to be patient and give a few calls here and there just to check but not going out on a limb.

I kills me to see how impatient some of the posters in here are. One even considered photoshopping the paper ad to flux the store into giving him a copy. Thats just to far. Way to far. It just goes to show that ppl will go through anything to be the first to play it. Its crazy.

The internet is a powerful tool. Hell, its how I got my 360 when they were harder to find than Paris Hilton's talent. People come together and plot out a full scale "game-hunt" ala Tommy Lee Jones in the Fugitive:

*Pulls out map*
"Alright, I want to set up a 15 mile perimeter going across the north side of Franklin Street, Donald, you sweep across the area and check each and every store in your area. Here...and Here. Yes! Even the Gas Stations, you never know nowadays. Richard, you scan pass Wilborn street and I dont care what you gotta do, hold someone hostage, rape somebodys mother, I just want answers. Ethan, you keep a satalite uplink at all times and check every retail website and I want updates every 25 minutes. John, you stay on the phone and once your list runs out....call again! You hear something even remotely interesting, hit me on the talkie on channel 4."

"Alright fellas, you've all been given updated snapshots of the game in question. His name is NCAA Football 07. When you pronounce the game, I want you to say it clearly and with authority as to not get the hapless minded clerks confused. Make sure everyone has fuel and please gentlemen, dont forget to load up on your hollowtip rounds cause it may get messy. Those are your intstructions....hey Timmy, you're riding with me. What are you waiting on gentlemen!! GO, GO, GO, GO!!!!"


Anyway, great article. One question though, does this happen often? Cause it seems as if NCAA and maybe a few other titles get this treatment. I have no problem getting a game a day before the release date but an entire week before seems kinda rare.
# 3 Basketballer238 @ 07/20/06 04:44 PM
i gotta say thats an amazing article..very detailed and im impressed and shocked at everything i learned from that
# 4 SageInfinite @ 07/20/06 05:09 PM
Great Article
# 5 rspencer86 @ 07/21/06 01:02 PM
I think OS needs more stuff like this. I mean, you have great writers on the staff, so you might as well put it to use!

# 6 davehughes14 @ 07/21/06 02:04 PM
Really good article! I'm impressed!
# 7 Basketballer238 @ 07/23/06 08:44 PM
yeah hes right..we do need more therads like this..also we should have another one by him for the realease of madden, and maybe nba live..if its not too much work

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