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Beginning August 4 at 8 p.m. ET., ESPN and ESPN.com will offer an exclusive pay-per-view event with Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) - Inside Madden NFL 07 - produced by ESPN Original Entertainment (EOE) and available to gamers through affiliates on television and also online.

In this special, available 18 days before the release of Madden NFL 07 from EA SPORTS(tm) on August 22, fans will get an early look inside one of this year's most anticipated video game releases. EA game designers and some of the best Madden players will lead gamers on a guided tour through new changes and advances in all aspects of the game. Included in the special are the exclusive release of player ratings and tips from top Madden gamers and behind-the-scenes details about the making of the next generation of Madden NFL games.

Intended to give the hardcore gamer and fan a leg up on playing the latest version in the popular Madden game series, ESPN and EA SPORTS invited some of the best gamers in the business to EA Sports Tiburon studios in Orlando. Before arriving, the five gamers were given a chance to try the new game and see a number of new features. Once at the EA studios, the players were given the opportunity to interview game producers, engineers, and further test and evaluate the latest edition of the game for the cameras.

The gamers that took part in the program are:

- Dwayne "D-Train Harrison" - winner of the 2002 Madden Challenge

- Jarvis Thomas - winner of the 2005 Madden Challenge

- Justin Chow - Washington DC regional winner of the 2005 Madden Challenge

- Will Kinsler - co-owner of MaddenNation.com, and writer for gaming strategy guides and EA Sports

- Rod "Reality" Winn - a former competitor on ESPN's Madden Nation

Throughout the 60-minute special, the gamers discuss how the new game features will impact their own play and provide insight into techniques and strategies that help make them among the best in the world.

Inside Madden NFL 07 also includes interviews with top athletes regarding their experience with the latest version of the game. Atlanta Falcons' Warrick Dunn, Tennessee Titans great Eddie George, Minnesota Vikings guard Steve Hutchinson, and St. Louis Rams running back Marshall Faulk were each given the opportunity to take an advance look at their OWN player ratings while cameras captured their feedback.

Fans can purchase Inside Madden NFL 07 for $19.95 at www.espn.com <http://www.espn.com/ > (search Madden), or by contacting their pay-per-view provider. For re-airs throughout the month of August, check www.espntv.com <http://www.espntv.com/ > listings or contact your pay-per-view provider.

Madden NFL 07 will be available in stores on August 22.

Leading up to the pay-per-view special on August 4, ESPN Classic will air episodes of EOE's Madden Nation from 2 - 6 p.m. ET as part of Generation Y Week on ESPN Classic.

Member Comments
# 1 Shaver @ 07/24/06 02:41 PM
Fans can purchase Inside Madden NFL 07 for $19.95...

So, I pay $20 to watch someone else play Madden...



# 2 SPTO @ 07/24/06 03:08 PM
Meh, Couldn't they just put this free over the air?

Man I tell you these huge corporations can be GREEEEEDY!
# 3 Lintyfresh85 @ 07/24/06 03:15 PM
I bet this still sells huge...
# 4 luv_mist @ 07/24/06 03:45 PM
EA has just ascended themselves to a whole new hustle. I never would have guessed that you'd have to pay 33.3% to view the game that you're going to purchase over pay-per-view. Heck, that wasn't even a thought in my mind. Man, that company can wiggle a dollar out of a dime hoe.......
# 5 Altimus @ 07/24/06 04:24 PM
Originally Posted by luv_mist
Man, that company can wiggle a dollar out of a dime hoe.......
# 6 JohnnytheSkin @ 07/24/06 08:35 PM
Is this a sick joke? 20 bones to watch the great cheesers tell ME how to play the game? And what's the point of having the "great" Eddie George and Marshall Faulk discuss their "ratings" when neither will be in the final game (if EA has reasonably timed rosters).

This is a transparent effort to get EA extra green. I guess this is the ESPN integration that they now have the exclusive rights to.

It's a downright shameful ploy, that as dave mentioned, will likely draw enough people to continue this crap. Next they'll start charging for trailers and demos on XBL....
# 7 mgoblue @ 07/24/06 08:55 PM
Shawn got robbed...

I'd pay 20 bucks to see a pair of non rose-colored eyes on that show, but i know we won't get it.
# 8 JohnDoh @ 07/25/06 09:09 AM
This is some funny shizit. They are doing everything they can to recoup exclusivity costs and help people forget how aweful Madden 06 was.

I don't think many will pay for this really... the Madden franchise has lost alot of its credibility over the years.

PPV... what a joke!

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